CONCERT REVIEW: Dragonforce – Amaranthe – NanowaR of Steel – Edge of Paradise Live at the Majestic Theatre

It was a calm, brisk Thursday night when a line outside of Detroit’s Majestic Theatre started to form. No one wanted to pay for a coat check so the breeze bit through the gathering crowd’s black hoodies until the doors opened. The chill was worth it since Grammy-nominated power metal pros, Dragonforce, were in town. This band is on a North American headlining tour promoting their upcoming album and they brought along a varied group of special guests with them.Continue reading

Jason Becker’s Three Most Important Guitars Are Going to Auction

Legendary guitarist/composer Jason Becker (solo, David Lee Roth Band, Cacaphony) will offer three of his most important and rare guitars through Guernsey’s Auctions, the prestigious New York auction house renowned for offering unique memorabilia and artifacts. These guitars are being sold as part of a fundraiser, co-organized by DragonForce guitarist Herman Li, to provide funds for Jason’s ongoing battle with ALS. Guernsey’s Auctions will offer the following in its ‘A Century of Music’ auction:

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DragonForce Share New US Tour Teaser Video

Dragonforce, by MasterPhelps Photography

Extreme Power Metal” band DragonForce is heading out on the road next month for a run of tour dates with Unleash The Archers and Visions of Atlantis. The band just shared a new tour teaser to get you sufficiently hype! The band released their new album Extreme Power Metal in 2019. The new tour features bassist Alicia Vigil (Vigil of War) and the band will be streaming its world tour live on Livestreams will include performances, backstage, and special guest appearances. Watch the trailer now and get your tickets! Continue reading

REVIEW: Dragonforce and Lovebites: Live at Manchester Academy 2


When thinking of the power metal scene in general, you would be forgiven for not necessarily considering Britain an institution of it. Considering that Germany has offered the worldwide scene the likes of Helloween and Blind Guardian, and Finnish groups such as Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica, it is unsurprising that power metal shows in the UK come few and far between, despite the country’s roots in the highly influential NWOBHM genre.Continue reading

Dragonforce Share New Single and Video, New Album Incoming

Dragonforce, by MasterPhelps Photography

World-famous Progressive Metal act DragonForce will release their new album Extreme Power Metal, on September 27th. The new album, their 8th, was produced in Los Angeles, California by Damien Rainaud at Mix Unlimited. Extreme Power Metal was also recorded, in part, on guitarist Herman Li’s livestream channel on Twitch with participation from the fans. A video for the new single, ‘Highway to Oblivion’, can be viewed now.

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DragonForce – Reaching Into Infinity

It is a decade since DragonForce had the world at their feet: ‘Through The Fire And The Flames’ was the flagship track of the Guitar Hero series, and third album Inhuman Rampage had perfected their unique maelstrom of breakneck melody. The band was tipped to smash the glass ceiling to ultra-mega-rock-stardom.Continue reading

BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance

BABYMETAL Metal Resistance album cover 2016 ghostcultmag

Otaku. That’s a word über geeks and nerdtastic Japanese people totally embrace. It’s fully giving yourself over to cosplay, manga, miniatures, movies, music, etc. It’s a lifestyle, not a passing fancy. The rise of BABYMETAL is a metalhead’s otaku. Outside of Japan the idea of super cute doll baby clad teenagers with adorable voices singing over metal music of different genres is hard to wrap your head around. It seems a lot of the world adhere to strict boxes music must fit neatly inside. Otaku. BABYMETAL are the kuidaore of music; rock until you drop.

That’s the allure of BABYMETAL, they are unapologetically having a wonderful time presenting genre bending music. It’s nothing new in Japan. But, it is jaw dropping to those not used to enjoying music for the pure sake of it being fun and lively. Metal Resistance (earMusic) is BABYMETAL’s second studio album. Metal Resistance is gobsmackingly infectious and fun. Back is the blend of sunny “girly” vocals atop heavy metal, prog metal, speed metal, and Viking metal riffage. Hate all you want, but the new album debuted at number 39 on the USA Billboard 200 chart. BABYMETAL shifted 12, 240 physical copies of Metal Resistance in the United States alone. A Japanese band hasn’t done debuted in the top 40 since 1963.

babymetal 2016 ghostcultmag

Metal Resistance opens strong with ‘Road to Resistance’. It’s a plethora of wailing guitars and frenetic drumming. It’s a song you’d expect from Teutonic or Viking bands from Europe or Scandinavia. ‘Karate’ vacillates between metal and J-Pop. It’s got the head banging riffs that suck you in and the cheesy pop verses. ‘Karate’ is the best of both worlds. ‘Awadama Fever’ is for the video game junkies among us. It’s fast paced and slightly psychotic. And all the while, the sweet dulcet voices of Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno, and Moa Kikuchi lilt through. ‘Tells of the Destinies’ has an ELP feel. The guitar solos are straight from the 70s and I had to double-check that I was still listening to a 2016 album. I had to scrape my jaw off the floor at the technical wizardry of Herman Li and Sam Totman. This guitar duo is astounding. BABYMETAL’s Metal Resistance is for those music lovers with an open mind who don’t mind their music both spicy and sweet at the same time.



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Audio + Music Video: BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance and Gimme Chocolate!! (Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London)



BABYMETAL is streaming the bonus tracks on the re-release of their 2014 self titled album – “Road of Resistance” and “Gimme Chocolate!!” (Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London), out via RAL/Sony Music Entertainment in the US on June 16, 2015 physically (digital version now available).

Stream “Road of Resistance,” featuring Sam Totman and Herman Li of Dragonforce

Stream “Gimme Chocolate!!” (Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London)” below.

Watch the music video for “Road of Resistance” below.

babymetal - apollo - 3

The band will be appearing on these select tour stops:

May 16: Rock of the Range – Columbus, OH
May 29: ROCKAVARIA – Munich (DE)
May 30: ROCK IM REVIER – Gelsenkirchen (DE)
Jun 01: La Laiterie – Strasbourg (FR)
Jun 03: X-TRA – Zurich (SI)
Jun 05: Estragon Club – Bologna (IT)
Jun 06: ROCK IN VIENNA – Vienna (AT)
Jun 21: Makuhari Messe – Chiba (JP)

babymetal tour

Gimme Chocolate!!
Doki Doki ☆ Morning
Onedari Daisakusen
Song 4
Uki Uki ★ Midnight
Catch me if you can
Rondo of Nightmare
Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!
Ijime, Dame, Zettai

*Road of Resistance
*Gimme Chocolate!!-(Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London)

*Bonus tracks

babymetal cd cover

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Babymetal Releasing Trailer For Upcoming Live DVD


Japanese pop-metal outfit Babymetal will their DVD/Blu-Ray Live At Budokhan: Red Night & Black Night Apocalypse on January 7, 2015. A trailer for the DVD can be viewed here.

The DVD set consists of the band’s Nippon Budokhan performances from March 2014, when the three Babymetal singers/performers became the youngest artists to ever appear at the famed venue.

Live At Budokan: Red Night & Black Night Apocalypse
will be made available in three formats: a DVD/Blu-ray box featuring both Nippon Budokan concerts (with the first dubbed “Red Night” and second “Black Night”); a CD titled Live At Budokan: Red Night containing an audio recording of the first Budokan show (the initial pressing of the CD will include the code to digitally download the new song “The One”, which is a collaboration between BABYMETAL’s production team and guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman of British epic power metallers DRAGONFORCE); and a Limited Box exclusive to the BABYMETAL fan club members, “Live At Budokan ‘Budo-Can’ – The One – Limited Box”, a can-shaped package featuring the DVD/Blu-ray of both nights, plus the exclusive CD “Live At Budokan: Black Night” containing the audio recording of the second Budokhan concert.

For more information, visit