CONCERT REVIEW: Cattle Decapitation – Immolation – Sanguisugabogg – Castrator Live at The Warsaw

Brooklyn’s newly reopened Warsaw venue, and witnessed an unforgettable night of extreme metal. The line-up boasting Cattle Decapitation, Immolation, Sanguisugabogg, and Castrator delivered performances that showcased the raw energy and technical prowess of the genre. This diverse range of death metal styles made it a night to remember for fans.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Lucifer – Coven – Early Moods Live at Le Poisson Rouge

The renowned venue Le Poisson Rouge hosted an unholy night of Heavy Metal, in the heart of New York City. A triple bill dubbed “The Satanic Panic Tour” – featured Lucifer, Coven, and Early Moods. It was the perfect environment for this tour. The bands did not disappoint, giving a modern throwback feeling of heavy metal.Continue reading

Mutoid Man at Saint Vitus Bar

Mutoid Man


At Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY

All Photos By Omar Cordy/OJC PhotographyContinue reading

Rock Allegiance Festival: Talen Energy Stadium

Rock Allegiance 2016 banner ghostcultmag

The second annual Rock Allegiance Festival and was one of the most fun times I can remember at a music festival. From the location on the water outside of Philly to the stadium, to the third stage area, food options, beer gardens, VIP amenities, signings and special performances and of course the bands; this was a dream to a music lover with many types of rock, metal, and punk bands represented. It was also my birthday , so it was especially rad!Continue reading

Doro: Live at Blackthorn 51, Queens New York


Even after thirty-plus years of being a metal lifer, Doro Pesch still displays a youthful glow and attitude in every song she and her band performs. If you didn’t know what year it was, you wouldn’t be able to tel from her voice. Doro is one of the strongest vocalists in a live setting. She’s damn near timeless. With a 20 song mix spanning her entire career from Warlock to more recent songs, they are a high-energy outfit.

Right from the start, they hit you with classic Warlock songs ‘Earthshaker Rock’, the mega sing-along ‘Burning the Witches’ and ‘I Rule the Ruins’. There was very little room for rest as they went into newer songs like ‘Raise Your Fist in the Air’. Nearly every album Doro sang on was covered in this thunderous set list.

Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics


Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Doro took a moment to mention her dearly departed friend and rock and roll legend Lemmy (If I have to tell you who he is, than you shouldn’t be reading this). She dedicated the night and song ‘Without You’ in his honor. You could really feel the emotions resonating from the stage on this one. It was truly a powerful moment. To help bring the energy back up, long time drummer Johnny Dee dazzled the audience with a killer drum solo. Then both guitarists, Luca Princitto and Bas Maas traded their axes in for keyboards on ‘Fuer Immer’. Fellow tour mates Madame Mayhem joined the band onstage for the Warlock über fan favorite, ‘All We Are’. Of course just about everyone in the place also joined in singing this metal anthem.

Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Doro, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Closing out the show, they went with the Judas Priest classic, ‘Breaking the Law’ and ‘Love Me in Black’. Seeing Doro live isn’t just a metal history lesson, it’s a right of passage.

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Dream Theater: Live at Radio City Music Hall

dream-theater-the-astonishing-live-2016-photo-400x400 (1)

It seemed that fans of Dream Theater were torn between the performance of their two and a half hour opus and new album, The Astonishing (Roadrunner). Fans always want to hear classic songs along side the new ones, but you can’t always get what you want. Call it a concept album or rock opera, whichever you prefer, it was a damn fine night of music.

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Aided by an impressive video wall to bring the story of “The Great Northern Empire of the Americas” to life, you felt like as if you were watching a movie with a live soundtrack. Guitarist and story mastermind John Petrucci along with his ever growing beard, played the heaviest mix of acoustic an electric guitar throughout the night I’ve ever seen him do. ‘The Answer’ clearly demonstrates that statement. From ‘The Gift of Music’ to the title track, James LaBrie’s vocals just drew you into the world of Nomacs and musical rebellion. With song a like ‘A New Beginning’, it covers the spectrum of darkness and light that the album portraits. As well as some solid bass grooving from John Myung too.

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics


Dream Theater-13

After a fifteen minute intermission, they returned to the stage for the second half of the this massive album. Drummer, Mike Mangini just makes everything look easy, we get a few flourishes for insanity on ‘Moment of Betrayal’ and on ‘Three Days’. The second half of the creative team Jordan Rudess, brought his atmospheric tones is the bridge from song to song. He carries the themes and regal-ness through ‘Brother, Can You Hear Me’ and ‘Begin Again’. Overall, the show was good if you were prepared just to hear this album. Simple in some parts complex in others, “The Astonishing Live” was the right show for a venue like Radio City Music Hall.

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics

Dream Theater, by Omar Cordy/OJC Pics


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