CONCERT REVIEW: Yellowcard – Mayday Parade – Anberlin – The Wild Ones Live at Arizona’s Financial Theater


On July 29th, fans eagerly gathered in Phoenix, Arizona’s Financial Theater for Yellowcard’s highly-awaited comeback tour which celebrated 20 years since the release of their freshman album Ocean Avenue. Needless to say, after a long hiatus, the fans expected a night filled with nostalgia, energy, and powerful performances from all the bands that came together in support of this tour.

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EP REVIEW: Jamie Lenman – IknowyouknowIknow


Not even a year on from his last full-length album, The Atheist and Jamie Lenman is back with yet more music. Acting as a companion EP to the aforementioned album, IKnowYouKnowIKnow (Big Scary Monsters) features some of the tracks that didn’t fit in with the theme and sound of The Atheist, allowing Lenman to truly showcase some of the varieties of influences that went into the sound of this phase of his career. What can this additional release add to the package that was his previous album?

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INTERVIEW: Connor O’Neal of Tejon Street Corner Thieves – The Ghost Cult Interview


Ghost Cult caught up with Connor O’Neal of Tejon Street Corner Thieves to discuss their new full-length album Thick as Thieves – out now on Amigo The Devil’s label Liars Club. We chatted with Connor about the last few years of the band, touring with Amigo, having sober members in spite of their hard-partying past, moshpits at Americana shows, their new lineup, creating a comic book to go along with the album artwork, and more! 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dashboard Confessional – All The Truth That I Can Tell 

A contemplative, but serene gaze out of the window, as a hazy half-smile plays on the corner of the lips. Half a memory aligns with the story that is playing in the ears, but it has its own shade and hue, something the same but different, but definitely and absolutely connected. ‘Me and Mine’, the second song in a breathy, intimate, quietly sung middle of the album  causes pause to reflect. A simple song about children, how being a parent as your kids grow up can be, it’s about closeness… And it is genuine. 

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hugh Davison – “Breathe”

Johannesburg based psychedelic folk-rock artist Hugh Davison has released a new single and video, “Breathe. ” Davison, a fixture in his local alternative music scene for the last 20-odd years, after having spent his formative years between Botswana and South Africa. He rose to prominence playing in various Jozi punk and electro bands like SubMachine, The Slashdogs, and The Means. Today he is a writer, producer, and music teacher. Hugh has worked with a diverse set of artists like Pops Mohammed, Sliquor, Laurie Levine, Thobile Mcincinini, Portia Sibiya, Gile Motshwane, Jacques Moolman, Shameless Band, TCIYF, Rainbow Abomination, Loandi Boersma and Kanii Axtro. Check out “Breathe” right now!



“It is about the opposing yet balancing forces that keep the world alive – the air in the lungs, the inward grasp and gasp for life and the exhale, the outward, inevitable capitulation to death.” Explains Hugh. “Musically, I obliquely channelled my inner David Byrne and the Talking Heads, but it is also somewhat of an homage to Ali Farke Tourè and West African guitar music, which I’m a huge fan of.”

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cami Scoundrel – “Fallen Homies”

South African Folk-Punk Cami Scoundrel has shared a new music video for her single “Fallen Homies.” The video which is directed, shot, and edited by David van Rensburg at the Jungle Jam Room aka Cami’s lounge, creates the perfect vibe for the heartfelt ode to friends lost along the way. Cami’s dusky voice and honest delivery is a refreshing throwback vibe compared to the over-produced sound of today. Cami’s current album Those Days is available to purchase and stream at the links below.. Check out the video now!Continue reading

The Shabs Share New Video -“Tom and Phillips Song”

South African folk punks The Shabs have shared their new video for the track ‘Tom and Phillips Song’. The song comes off of their recent album Can You Hear Us at the Back which released on the 1st March 2019 via Just Music. The video, like much of the bands’ aesthetic calls back to a simpler time in music when people were more honest, punk rock was exciting, and folks were a lot less cynical. Great song and a funny video! Check it out here.Continue reading