INTERVIEW: Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste) Discusses The New Release from BAT – “Under The Crooked Claw”

In this episode, Keefy chats with Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste) all about his other band, BAT and their second full-length album “Under The Crooked Claw” out now via Nuclear Blast Records! Ryan discussed the new album, the growth of the band, his life in music, and a hint of next moves from his main act, MW!Continue reading

Milwaukee Metalfest Shares Daily Running Order for 2024

Milwaukee Metal Festival has announced its full funning order for the weekend!  The festival is now welcoming brings  party on May 16 have also been revealed! Headlined by Mr. Bungle, BlindGuardian, Testament, Kamelot, Hatebreed and SymphonyX ,the fest is going to be a can’t miss event for this summer!Continue reading

Cannibal Corpse Books a Headline Tour of Europe with Municipal Waste, Immolation, and Schizophrenia

Death metal icons Cannibal Corpse will return to European soil this Fall on a month-long headlining tour! The journey begins September 20th in Oberhausen, Germany and runs through October 20th in Frankfurt, Germany. Support will be provided by Municipal Waste, Immolation, and SchizophreniaTickets go on sale this Thursday, March 28th, 2024. Continue reading

Bat (Municipal Waste) Share New Single and Video “Rite For Exorcism” Announcing Sophomore Album

Virginia metal-punk trio, Bat, have offered up their latest single, “Rite For Exorcism,” with a video directed by Norman Cabrera, produced by Maya Kay, and with cinematography by Rob Lucas at Wolfpack Studios. It is the first track to come from second full-length, Under The Crooked Claw, due out May 17th on Nuclear Blast Records. The band, initiated by Municipal Waste guitarists Ryan Waste & Nick Poulos, also see their first ever live dates in Latin America in March and April. Catch the new video and more from Bat below.
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CONCERT REVIEW: Municipal Waste – Ghoul – Necrot – Dead Heat Live at The Brooklyn Monarch

The Brainsqueeze Tour. Holy shit this is one of the best tour packages I’ve seen in a good number of years. Stacked from start to finish with veteran bands performing at a level I haven’t seen from them in some years. Dead Heat started things off, I was unaware of them beforehand but left me intrigued and wanting more, plus the crowd at the Brooklyn Monarch showed up early, excited, and ready to throw down for this mosh fest of an evening.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Scotty Heath of Tankcrimes Records Talks DIY Record Labels, Municipal Waste, Ghoul, Necrot, and More

Keefy caught up with Scotty Health of Tankcrimes, a most excellent Metal and Punk record label from Northern California. Scotty detailed his entire origin story, how he got started with D.I.Y. zines, shows, and labels. He has grown Tankcrimes into a monster label with killer acts such as Necrot, Deathgrave, Morbikon, Dystopia, Dead Heat, BAT, Ghoul, and more! More than that, Scotty has been a leader in the Metal and Hardcore scene, also offering incredible merch options, and great customer service too. Tankcrimes is also sponsoring the “The Brainsqueeze Tour” with Municipal Waste, Ghoul, and Necrot too! Continue reading

Milwaukee Metalfest Adds Municipal Waste, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Macabre, Nunslaughter, Gatecreeper, Skeletal Remains, Creeping Death, Upon Stone, Stabbing, and More to 2024 lineup!

Milwaukee Metal Festival has completed its 2024, lineup with a bunch of new bands in the bill. The iconic midwestern, multi-day event is now les for the highly anticipated 2024 edition, with more TBA! The festival is now welcoming brings Municipal Waste, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Macabre, Nunslaughter, Gatecreeper, Skeletal Remains, Creeping Death, Upon Stone, Stabbing, Monochromatic Black, Deathray Vision, Backlash, Bewitcher, Morbikon, Dead By Wednesday, Engineered Society Project, Hatriot, and Time To Kill. In addition, the details for the pre-party on May 16 have also been revealed! The event is free to anyone who holds a 3-day pass for the festival and will be headlined by a special Jasta and Friends set, featuring Bobby Blitz, Zetro, Bobby Hambel and more. There will also be performances by TOXIC RUIN and H1Z1.Continue reading

Ghoul Share “Noxious Concoctions” Single from Upcoming EP


Cannibal splatterthrashers, Ghoul, have just released “Noxious Concoctions” as a single. The song is the title track from their new EP, due out February 02nd, via the Tankcrimes record label. This is their first new studio output since 2016’s Dungeon Bastards full-length. Right after its release, they head out on the Brainsqueeze tour, supporting Municipal Waste. Check out the track and more below.

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Municipal Waste, Ghoul, Necrot, and Dead Heat Book the First Ever Brainsqueeze Tour


Richmond thrashers, Municipal Waste, along with Nuclear Blast records have put together a North American tour with the Tankcrimes label, under the banner of Brainsqueeze. Spawned from the Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze festivals, support comes from Ghoul, Necrot, and Dead Heat. Read more below. 

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Download Festival 2023 Part 2, Live at Castle Donnington 


Saturday, and as will be of no surprise to anyone, it was pretty damn hot today too, people were noticeably moving much slower through the arena, and people were checking their phones for the forecast of tomorrow’s storm with excitement.

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