PODCAST: Episode 407 – Tom Osman Interviews Kirk Windstein About EYE AM and Crowbar

Ghost Cult scribe Tom Osman interviews Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down, Solo, Kingdom of Sorrow) all about his newest band, EYE AM. The band is a Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup featuring Kirk, Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative and Silvertomb, and Todd Strange (ex Down and ex Crowbar). Kirk discusses how both Crowbar, and EYE AM were formed, how the band writes together, signing with Corpse Paint Records, he outlines the potential releases from EYE AM, Kirk’s admiration for Peter Steele, some early Down history, his next release plans for Down, his second solo album, and Crowbar!Continue reading

Supergroup EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down) Releases Their “Cryptomnesia” Single and Video


Psychedelic Doom supergroup EYE AM, featuring members of Type O Negative, Crowbar, and Down, has released their second single ever “Cryptomnesia!” This follows their “Dream Always Die With The Sun” track and video. The band recently recorded six more songs for their 2024 debut album. Check out the new track here! Continue reading

EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down) Has Six More Songs Written and Recorded for Their Debut Album



In a news update from Corpse Paint Records and their PR Team, Raquel Figlo Public Relations, EYE AM, the Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM (members of Type O Negative, Crowbar, and Down) have recorded six songs for their debut album. The album follows the debut single “Dream Always Die With The Sun” and the upcoming one,  “Cryptomnesia” – releasing on Record Store Day Back Friday, from Corpse Paint Records. The band was recently in New Orleans for a writing and recording session, as well as to celebrate their contest winner, who won a trip to hang out with the band, enjoy NOLA culture and food, Halloween fun, and hear the new single before anyone else in the world outside or the band. Check out this news from the label including intimate photos of the band. 

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INTERVIEW: Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Quiet Riot) about Doom Metal Supergroup EYE AM

Ghost Cult Magazine was the first major metal news website to bring you the news of the formation of the new Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM! Featuring members of infamous bands Type O Negative, Crowbar,  Down, Kingdom of Sorrow, and others – the band recently released their debut single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” via  Corpse Paint Records! We chatted with drumming legend Johnny Kelly about the formation of the group EYE AM, the new music the band is working on, drum kit intel, and his status for upcoming tours with Danzig, Quiet Riot, and the upcoming new album from Silvertomb

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EYE AM Shares Their New Single and Music Video for “Dreams Always Die With The Sun”



Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM just released their highly anticipated debut single, “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” out today June 2 on Corpse Paint Records a new Punk/Alt/Metal Record Company based out of Southwest Florida. The band features Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, Type-O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, as well as former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange. Along with the release of the single, streaming on all DSPs, the music video for “Dreams Always Die With The Sun,” is out now! 

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Supergroup EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down) Are Recording Their Debut Single


A brand new supergroup has formed with legends of Doom Metal including members of Type of Negative, Crowbar, and Down dubbed EYE AM. The news was revealed in a post from Florida metal label Corpsepaint Records! The band consists of Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative and Silvertomb on guitar and drums, Kirk Windstein of Crowbar, Down, and Kingdom of Sorrow, and Todd Strange, formerly of Crowbar and Down. The debut single will be recorded by bassist Roger Lima of Less Than Jake. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: -16- – Into Dust


Grinding away in the sludge metal fringes for over thirty years, Los Angeles, California’s -16– are one of those “how have I missed them?” bands that seem to fly below the radar for many, but once detected are unlikely to be forgotten. On Into Dust (Relapse Records) the band drop their ninth album, the follow up to 2020’s Dream Squasher, sounding as amped-up, powerful and determined as ever to charge head-first through the nearest wall. 

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INTERVIEW: Dennis R. Sanders of Spirit in The Room on His New EP “Flamingo” and Concept Albums


Ghost Cult caught up to Dennis Sanders of Spirit In The Room  – who just released their new EP for Housecore Records  Flamingo! We talked to Dennis about his career up to now, the new EP, signing with Housecore, his various influences, how he composes and is so prolific, the concept for the new album and music video, forming a permanent backing band, and his thoughts on the Pantera reunion!

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Stoner Doom Edition ft. Tenebra, Eric Wagner, Domkraft, Slomatics, Ufomammut 

Tenebra – Moongazer (New Heavy Sounds / Seeing Red)

There is something evocative about the retro / occult rock of Italian quartet Tenebra that is encapsulated in a most vigorous way on the third track of Moongazer, ‘Black Lace’. A steady, spacious build from jangled, careful chords that takes its time gives room for the powerful smoke-and-whiskey vocals of Silvia to take centre stage, before a Zeppelin-esque vocal-led coda closes things out. It is not the only, nor possibly even the best, song to do this, but as a drawing together of the best elements of the Tenebra sound perhaps serves as their best showpiece. Continue reading