Supergroup EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down) Releases Their “Cryptomnesia” Single and Video


Psychedelic Doom supergroup EYE AM, featuring members of Type O Negative, Crowbar, and Down, has released their second single ever “Cryptomnesia!” This follows their “Dream Always Die With The Sun” track and video. The band recently recorded six more songs for their 2024 debut album. Check out the new track here! Continue reading

Sal Abruscato Accuses Type O Negative and Life of Agony of Royalty Theft and Trying to Erase His Contributions to Classic Albums


In a tirade shared to social media, deleted, and reuploaded, Sal Abruscato, the former drummer of Type O Negative and Life of Agony, has made wide ranging accusations targeting his former bandmates, the music industry, and specific individuals he believes have wronged him. Abruscato shares his many issues with his former bandmates and people in the music industry. current state of mind and his grievances with the industry. He was triggered by the press release that went out earlier this week commemorating the 30th anniversary of Type O Negative’s third album, Bloody Kisses, along with a Graphic Novel from, Z2 Comics in which Sal does not appear, but his replacement Johnny Kelly is depicted. Johnny did not join the band fully as the drummer until after their fourth album, October Rust was released. The main artist of the Bloody Kisses graphic novel is Alan Robert of Life of Agony, who Sal also disparaged. He also said band founder Peter Steele would be rolling over in his grave at the “gash grab” antics of the current owners of the brand and that it is a disservice to the fans to reissue the music. Sal played on the first three releases of Type O Negative and claimed to co-found that band. He also played on River Runs Red from Life of Agony, and was involved in several reunion lineups of that band. Abruscato hinted at possible legal action against his former bandmates and others in the industry at the end of the video. Watch the clip and read the transcription via Lambgoat. Continue reading

Type O Negative and Z2 Comics Celebrate “Bloody Kisses” 30th Anniversary with a New Graphic Novel

30 years ago a dark presence moved into music history when Type O Negative released their third studio album, Bloody Kisses, bringing a goth metal voice to the masses. Listed at #53 on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time, Bloody Kisses was an instant classic paving the way to the music charts with the incredible vocals by the late Peter Steele, drums by Sal Abruscato (although Johnny Kelly is depicted), guitars by Kenny Hickey, with keyboards by Josh Silver. Z2 commemorates the 30th anniversary of Bloody Kisses with a stunning volume of art and stories from rock star contributors Andy Biersack, Carla Harvey, Cristina Scabbia, and Burton C. Bell – as well as many more! This anthology captures both the haunted edge and the dry satirical humor that defined what many consider to be the definitive gothic metal album. The collection is slated for publication in late spring 2024 and will include, for the first time ever a double-picture disc vinyl set of Bloody Kisses, featuring art by Alan Robert (Life Of Agony/The Beauty of Horror creator).

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EYE AM (Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down) Has Six More Songs Written and Recorded for Their Debut Album



In a news update from Corpse Paint Records and their PR Team, Raquel Figlo Public Relations, EYE AM, the Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM (members of Type O Negative, Crowbar, and Down) have recorded six songs for their debut album. The album follows the debut single “Dream Always Die With The Sun” and the upcoming one, “Cryptomnesia” – releasing on Record Store Day Back Friday, from Corpse Paint Records. The band was recently in New Orleans for a writing and recording session, as well as to celebrate their contest winner, who won a trip to hang out with the band, enjoy NOLA culture and food, Halloween fun, and hear the new single before anyone else in the world outside or the band. Check out this news from the label including intimate photos of the band.

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INTERVIEW: Andrew Spaulding of Corpse Paint Records Talks New EYE AM Music, Punk Rock, and Collecting Merch

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Corpse Paint Records founder Andrew Spaulding for an interview. We discussed his lifelong love of Punk and Metal, how he founded the label, how he helped bring together Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM (members of Type O Negative, Crowbar, and Down), fandom and collectible merch, future projects for the label, the next EYE AM single coming soon, and more!

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DieHumane Shares a New Single and Music Video for Their Cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Something I Can Never Have”


Metal and Rock supergroup DieHumane, featuring former members of Exodus, Anova Skyway, and more and more just released their debut album – The Grotesque on May 5th, 2023, in partnership with Ulrich Wild’s label WURMgroup. The band has shared their new music video for their cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Something I Can Never Have,” a fan-favorite deep cut from NIN’s debut album Pretty Hate Machine (TVT Records).

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CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Fear Factory’s Obsolete Turns 25


In case you forgot or were not alive, the late 1990s was a time when every Metal record label was jumping on the bandwagon of trend-hopping and hunting for the next “big thing” mostly Nu Metal or Nirvana’s take on pre-Grunge revival of Punk vibes. With almost no websites yet, pundits at music magazines, radio, and MTV, had declared metal dead (many bands would say otherwise, all the while the underground excelled like never before with stellar releases.

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INTERVIEW: Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Quiet Riot) about Doom Metal Supergroup EYE AM

Ghost Cult Magazine was the first major metal news website to bring you the news of the formation of the new Psychedelic Doom Metal supergroup EYE AM! Featuring members of infamous bands Type O Negative, Crowbar, Down, Kingdom of Sorrow, and others – the band recently released their debut single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” via Corpse Paint Records! We chatted with drumming legend Johnny Kelly about the formation of the group EYE AM, the new music the band is working on, drum kit intel, and his status for upcoming tours with Danzig, Quiet Riot, and the upcoming new album from Silvertomb!

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INTERVIEW: Supergroup DieHumane (ex-Exodus, ex-Type O Negative, ex-Anovaskyway) on “The Grotesque” and More


Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Rick, Greg, Garret, and Josh of @diehumaneofficial ! The new Cinematic Gothic Rock supergroup includes former members of @ExodusAttack , @typeonegative , @AnovaSkyway , and more! They just released their debut album “The Grotesque” via Ulrich Wild’s @WURMgroup label. We chatted with the guys about how the band was formed, blending the multiple influences of the members, creating a visual style for the band, plans for touring, and much more!

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