PODCAST: Episode 266 – The Steve and Keefy Power Hour, May 2023 Edition


Execute Order 66 – on your eardrums! It’s a May the 4th (be with you) special edition of The Steve and Keefy Power Hour! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy, recapping the Rock and Metal Releases for April 2023, and previewing May’s essential new heavy music! They may or may not be playing with their action figures as they chop it up! Yes, they discuss the new Metallica and Overkill, too! Shoutout to our amazing team of reviewers worldwide.


In the end, everything comes back to Mat Davies and Iron Maiden.

RIP to the Master.

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting Adds Overkill, Mentors, Among New Bands for 2023

Presented by District 19, Eindhoven Metal Meeting returns in December 2023 at the legendary venue Effenaar. The fest has added nine new bands: Wrang, Massive Assault, Cryptosis, Helleruin, Koldbrann, Mentors, Bodyfarm, Overkill, and Misþyrming. The bill now has 33 bands, but may add some more in time. Ticket, hotel, and travel info can be found at the link below.

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SONIC VOYAGE: Overkill – The Discography 1985 – 2023


The musical – the Discography series hosted by the one and only Ojayy of Ghost Cult Mag. This episode features Overkill! Their new album “Scorched” is out now via Nuclear Blast Records! Whether you’re a die-hard music fanatic, or just wondering how many albums a band has, Sonic Voyage is the new destination for exploring the depths of the music world.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Overkill – Scorched


Seems like we’re going to have to score another one for the bad guys. And by bad guys, I am referring to some of Thrash Metal’s pioneers who refuse to acknowledge the passage of time and are still melting amp heads like it was 1986.

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INTERVIEW: Bobby Blitz of Overkill Checks in with a “Scorched” Track-By-Track Album Breakdown

Ghost Cult’s Ojaay caught up with Thrahs legend Bobby Blitz of Overkill to discuss their new album Scorched- coming soon from Nuclear Blast Records. Dwelling on almost 40 years of Overkill history, Blitz discussed the changes in the band over the years, how he and DD Verni write songs, how he has evolved as a singer, and a track-by-track breakdown of the new album.

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PODCAST: Episode 251: The Steve and Keefy Power Hour, April 2023 Edition

Time for another edition of The Steve and Keefy Power Hour! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy, recapping March 2023 Rock and Metal Releases and previewing April’s essential new heavy music! Two white guys and music nerds pontificate on the music you love. Also, will we have new music soon from Ghost, Slipknot, Foo Fighters, and Iron Maiden? Shoutout to our amazing team of reviewers worldwide. Also, also, RIP Mat Davies as always. Hosted by Ojaay!

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Overkill Shares a New Single for “The Surgeon” – New Album “Scorched” Details Revealed

Long-in-the-making, Thrash Metal legends Overkill have announced their new album Scorched, their twelfth in their career will be released on April 14th, 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records. Today the band has dropped a new single “The Surgeon” along with a visualizer! The sound of the track is vicious, with all the power of a band rocking it for 40 years, but still present and modern as any band! Watch the visualizer for “The Surgeon” here:

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Former Overkill and Anvil Guitarist Sebastian Marino Has Died


Sebastian Marino, former guitarist of both Overkill and Anvil has died. No cause of death has been revealed. According to a post from Sebastian’s friend and business partner Bruce Pilato, Marino died suddenly early on January 1st, after being rushed to a hospital while doing a sound job on New Year’s Eve in Florida. Since leaving the performing, recording, and touring world; Sebastian owned and operated Audio Images, and sound tech, and visuals, and crew services company. Sebastian played on Anvil’s 1991 album Worth The Weight, and was featured on three 1990s-era Overkill LPs in the 1990s:The Killing Kind (1996), From The Underground And Below (1997) and Necroshine (1999). Pilato, Overkill, and Anvil frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow posted about his passing. RIP Sebastian. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Overkill – Prong – Cultus Black: Live at The Chance

It’s really good to visit The Chance for a show after two years. It’s a long Metro-North Railroad train ride from the city but it’s always worth it once you’re there.

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