FESTIVAL REVIEW: Milwaukee Metal Fest 2024 Part 2 – Live at The Rave

The lineup for Saturday was stacked, in my opinion, headliner Mr. Bungle left the Milwaukee crowd in awe. Mike Patton is such a great front man so I felt privileged to watch this man perform again. San Francisco Thrash Metal legends Testament has one of the best performances I had ever seen them give in years. Connecticuts’ own Hatebreed ignited the ballroom with numerous mosh pits throughout their set. Continue reading

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Milwaukee Metal Fest 2024 Part 1 – Live at The Rave

Growing up I had always heard about Milwaukee Metal Fest and how amazing it was. Well, this year I had the pleasure of covering this notoriously famous festival and I can definitely say I’ll be back next year. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Hemotoxin – When Time Becomes Loss

With a name that relates to a substance that can destroy red blood cells and cause serious organ and tissue degeneration, it’s pretty obvious that Californian act Hemotoxin isn’t going to be known for radio-friendly power ballads.Continue reading

Milwaukee Metal Festival Announces Record Store Day Ticket Discount

Milwaukee Metal Festival (MMF) is quickly approaching, set to take place at The Rave Eagles Club, May 16 through 19. The event organisers recently announced a special Record Store Day promo, still available until Sunday, April 28th, which gets buyers money off tickets for the fest. Keep reading below for more information.
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Cult Of Fire to Perform with Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague at Brutal Assault

In a unique tribute to Czech classical composer, Bedřich Smetanat, black metal band, Cult Of Fire will join their forces with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague. Together they will deliver a special set commissioned by Brutal Assault, an experience not seen at the festival before, and rarely elsewhere. Keep reading below for more details.
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Vogg Kieltyka Has Quit Machine Head, Focusing on Decapitated

Guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka has quit Machine Head. He had been a member of the band since September 2019, after replacing Phil Demmel who quit in 2018. Vogg confirmed that he’s leaving the band to continue focusing on Decapitated, with a world tour about to embark and new music recording coming soon. Vogg’s final show with the band was in October 2023. He recorded one album with the band, ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN (Imperium Recordings, Nuclear Blast Records) the Ghost Cult Album of the Year for 2022. For his part, Vogg’s statement is amicable and he wishes the band the best. Machine Head is currently on tour in the USA on the Slaughter The Mayrtour run of dates with Fear Factory and Orbit Culture. Read our review here. Reece Scruggs of Havok has been touring with Machine Head as their lead guitarist of late. Robb Flynn responded in Vogg’s comments section that the band was “lucky to have him for the time they did.” The band has yet to comment on the situation with Vogg. Read Vogg’s statement below: Continue reading

Testament, Exodus, Armored Saint, Sadus, Havok, Toxic Holocaust, and Laid To Waste Join Brutal Assault

Brutal Assault has just added Testament, Exodus, Armored Saint, Sadus, Havok, Toxic Holocaust, and Laid To Waste to its 2024 bill. They join The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, Emperor, and many more at the Czech festival next August 07th – 10th. Keep reading below for more details and the full lineup.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Havok – Toxic Holocaust – I AM – Hammerhedd Live at Cornerstone Berkley


The night got started with viral youth sensations, Hammerhedd, and their mathematically rhythmic opening act could lull you into a false sense of security if you didn’t know they were the calm before the storm. Hammerhedd reminded me of the classic djent sound of Mesuggah, circa 1994’s None. Their groovy, chonky, hypnotic riffs even gave me Nirvana/ Bleach vibes at times, particularly the angsty tint of the vocals. Overall, their sound was a pleasant warm-up as we eased into the show but their stage presence is still maturing. The trio finished leaving the crowd in a state of anxious anticipation of the chaos to come.

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Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual Edition LIVE Rock and Metal News Show 3.17.23

Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #metalnews #interviews #newmusicfriday #vinylcollector #metalmerch #musicnews #metalnews #rocknews Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Necropanther – Betrayal


Deviating slightly from the science fiction themes of their first three albums, magnificently named Colorado thrashers Necropanther base their latest record, Betrayal (Self-Released), on a combination of Walter Hill‘s 1979 seminal classic The Warriors and Xenophon‘s Anabasis, the ancient Greek story from which The Warriors was originally adapted.


Having previously chosen The Terminator, Dune, and Logan’s Run for inspiration, the science fiction element might have been pushed somewhat into the background on Betrayal but the dystopian landscape of cult cinema remains firmly in focus. A story about a small group having to fight their way across enemy territory to get home is prime pickings for thrash metal and Necropanther don’t let the opportunity slip.

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