Abbath, Darvaza, Devil Master, Dødheimsgard, Grand Magus, Impaled Nazarene, Khold, Primordial, Triumph Of Death and More Booked for Brutal Assault 2024


The blackest wave of black metal will undoubtedly come from a act whose name speaks for itself: Abbath will play the songs of Immortal! All fans of the dark genre will also enjoy Triumph Of Death, who, led by Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost), will once again play the songs of the legendary Hellhammer. The strongest Norwegian wave with an inimitable style will come with the underground cult Tulus and the personally connected Khold, experimental and avant-garde tones with Dødheimsgard / DHG and Ved Buens Ende, and the Nidrosian-connected Darvaza will put on a wild show. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: July 15th New Music Releases

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ALBUM REVIEW: God Is An Astronaut – The Beginning Of The End


For the twenty-year anniversary of their debut album The End Of The Beginning, post-rock wizards God Is An Astronaut have revamped the record in a live studio setting, reversing the title to The Beginning Of The End (Napalm Records). The new recordings polish the songs up, flashing the band’s growth in musicianship while staying true to the original song structures. The improved production and performance have each instrument sounding more well-balanced, enhancing every melody and soundscape to a more cinematic level, revealing their fullest potentials. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: February 12th New Music Releases

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God Is An Astronaut Shares New Single, New Album Incoming

Long-running post-Rock band God Is An Astronaut has dropped a new single and music video for “Burial!” The track is the first new music from the band from their upcoming new album Ghost Tapes #10 out February 12 via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are live at the link below, with special bundles available. Watch the stunning black and white music video by Chariot Of Black Moth now!

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God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph

It has never felt that God Is An Astronaut have gotten nearly as much love as they deserve. County Wicklow’s favourite sons have been a mainstay of the prog and post-rock scene for the better part of 20 years, and with one of the strongest and most consistent back catalogues you’re likely to delve into, it feels like there should be just as much praise for GIAA as there is for 65daysofstatic or Sleepmakeswaves. With Epitaph (Napalm), however, it seems that we’re getting a much more personal look into the artists behind the music, as they take you on a journey of grief and its many challenges.Continue reading

Disperse – Foreword

Polish and English progressive rock and metal quartet Disperse returns to present their third studio album Foreword (Season of Mist). This band may take inspiration from bands such as Pink Floyd, and Dream Theater, but it ends up with a very modern sound , in some parts similar to pop bands such as Kensington, but with a more progressive bent to their music.Continue reading

God Is An Astronaut – Helios | Erebus


God is an Astronaut is an Irish quartet that is probably best classified as Dark Ambient Metal. Helios|Erebus (Revive) is their eighth studio album. GIAA’s strength has always been intense soundscapes, which can be soothing even when completely filled with noise.

This album is incredibly varied and complex, varying from ‘Obscura Somnia’, which is almost an ode to melancholy, to ‘Big Powder’, a song which has such a sludgy synth and distorted bass that it creates a delectably gloomy atmosphere. One of the highlights is the combination of ‘Vetus Memoria’ and ‘Finem Solis’: opening with stunning piano lines with dark and sweeping guitar, one song subtly flows into the next, opening up to electronic ambient with a certain romantic streak to it. The romance doesn’t last, however, as it devolves into noise before transforming to a more organic ambient sound.

‘Helios Erebus’ has some of the best guitar riffs of the album. The echo over the muted riffs really breathes life into the composition while the rest of the music is still subdued, and the straight chords that feature later add a sense of urgency. This song in particular really flows to and fro between subdued and ethereal, hard and heavy. The second heavy section is introduced by a bassline that almost serves as a warning, and is followed by some excellent drumming. But the best piece on the album must surely be ‘Centralia’. This stunning composition has some heavy riffs that are spine-tinglingly good, so thick you can almost sink your teeth into them.

In short, Helios | Erebus is a soundscape even more intense than GIAA’s previous works, and is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys dark and atmospheric metal.