FESTIVAL REVIEW: ArcTanGent Festival 2023 Live at Fernhill Farm


ArcTanGent Festival, a yearly outdoor four-day fixture at Fernhill Farm near Bristol, attracts a devoted following to its niche yet eclectic lineups of artists who generally have an association with post-rock, progressive metal, or experimental rock. It’s “sort of” a metal festival, but the range of acts it showcases steers towards the more left-field and eccentric end of heavy music and at times stretches beyond what could reasonably even be labelled as “rock”.

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Arctangent Festival 2023 Announces Their Final Main Stage Headliner Devin Townsend

The mighty Arctangent Festival 2023 today announces their final main stage headliner for this year’s event, The incredible, truly one-of-a-kind Devin Townsend will be closing out the whole festival on the main stage, Saturday night. The festival will be taking place between August 16th through to August 19th, at Fernhill Farm, a short drive from Bristol City Centre. Also announced today include Haken, Yourcodenameis:Milo, Ashenspire, Clt Drp, The Guru Guru, and many more. Acts already announced include Heilung, Converge, Deafheaven (playing ‘Sunbather’ in full as a UK exclusive), Swans, Empire State Bastard, Sikth, The Fall Of Troy, Cave In, Igorrr, Pigs7, Elder, Russian Circles, Chat Pile, Svalbard, Jaga Jazzist, Brutus, Loathe, Rolo Tomassi, Svalbard, and many more.Continue reading

Hypno5e- Shores Of The Abstract Line

Hypno5e Shores Of The Abstract Line album cover ghostcultmag

Over their duration, French progressive metallers Hypno5e have always shown signs of innovation and grandeur, albeit alongside plenty of familiarity from the likely sources and stalwarts of the genre like Meshuggah and Cynic to name a couple. On third album Shores Of The Abstract Line (Pelagic Records) however, they have upped the ante and forged their own identity, in a cinematic fashion.

In some ways a continuation of the philosophical approach taken on their first two albums, Shores…conveys the dreamlike state where imagination and reality combine and clash, and sonically it matches in a suitably mesmeric, chaotic and disjointed fashion. Encompassing a range of styles from sheer technicality, to heavy, abrasive moments through to clean ambience; Shores…takes on a very frenetic nature of clashing styles and, in a similar fashion to Opeth can seamlessly flow from one extreme to another in an instance, whilst all the while still sounding fluid. Whilst it doesn’t weight itself down with trying to do too many styles of music in its mix, instead Shores…has a hypnotic use of sudden dynamic shifts which prove unpredictable.

Broken into following segments (or shores as they are entitled here), this is best enjoyed as a whole piece rather than individual songs; and thus lies the issue. At first it does prove an almost daunting experience, requiring full attention throughout before it begins to click. Give it time however, and Shores…proves an excellent and rich experience which proves that tech and progressive metal can actually prove to push the actual ‘prog’ notion and still create something unique. It may have taken a few albums in, but on number 3, Hypno5e have found their feet and pushed themselves, and it is something to behold.



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A Lesson In Stability – An Interview With Gojira

Gojira-2013A gradual career build-up and relentless touring are at the core of Gojira’s current success. Marcus J. West caught up with Joe Duplantier (guitars/vocals)  to discuss the band’s touring rigours, the importance of gradual career building, his fondness of nature and opening for Ghost.Continue reading