A sensuous, rapturous and thought-provoking collection of superior, post-rock instrumental music, Oath (Pelagic Records), from Japanese four-piece Mono, was recorded and mixed by late, great and already much-missed engineer Steve Albini, who passed away last month, aged 61.Continue reading

Steve Albini, Leader of Shellac, Big Black, and Iconic Alternative Rock Producer Has Died

Arguably the most influential producer of the last 30 years Steve Albini has died. He was 61 years old Steve died of a heart attack. And no further information is available. That’s known as the iconic producer with his own electrical audio studios in Chicago, who confirmed the news of Steve’s passing to, Steve is also the well-known leader of bands such as shellac and Big Black. Shellac is about to release a new album, and Ghost Cult was attempting to secure an interview with Steve to discuss it. As a producer. He recorded incredible eighties and nineties albums such as Nirvana’s In Utero, PixiesSurfer Rosa, PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me, and many more. Unique in his approach Steve considered himself less of an actual typical producer and more of an engineer who translated the music that was made to tape as opposed to having the ego that led him to believe he was influencing the performances of the band much. He also refused to charge a lot of money, considering the stature of his name and experience, and he never took points on records in his entire career which is something that has now become a standard for producers in lieu of former high pay rates. He also believed in bands coming in prepared to record asap, getting instrument sounds and levels and often recording albums in a day or two, not months and years. A record produced by Steve meant it came with an instant cache, and that it was going to be one of the best albums you ever heard in your life. Steve had a keen sense of years and knew what was going to translate to every format a record was made on. This is a tragic loss for the music world as Steve is very young at 61 and we send our condolences out to his family friends and fans.  Continue reading


Hey kids! Do you like having a really bad time? Well, meth. are here to grind your face right down into the dirtiest pit of despair (or possibly drag you down into the pit of despair they already found themselves in). And they look like such a carefree bunch in their promo photos!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Helen Money and Will Thomas – Trace 


Helen Money, aka Alison Chesley, is a cellist who has worked with some pretty heavy hitters in the alternative/underground scenes including Jarboe, Bob Mould, Steve Albini, and Neurosis. In addition to these, she has also released music as part of the band Verbow and as a composer for film, theatre, and dance. 

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INTERVIEW: Nicarus Breaks Down Her Two New Albums, Working With Sandford Parker, and More!


Ghost Cult caught up with Israeli Stoner/Doom/post-Grunge artist Nicarus, a.k.a. singer and multi-instrumentalist Tali Green, to discuss her two new concept albums Sipapu – Stone Buddha and Sipapu – Golden Buddha! Both were released on New Year’s Day 2023, symbolizing a new beginning for the artist.  She discussed the making of the album, working with famous producer Sandford Parker, having some of the record created at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago, a track-by-track breakdown of each song of both albums and plans for her next album, already in progress.  

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INTERVIEW: John Cobbett of Hammers of Misfortune – “Overtaker” Album Discussion

Ghost Cult was honored to catch up with John Cobbett of Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra, and Vhol to discuss the new Hammers album, “Overtaker!” John discussed the new album in detail, the gap between albums, moving to Montana from the Bay Area with his family, the challenges of the music industry, going DIY, and more! Continue reading

Laura Jane Grace (Against Me) Drops a Surprise Solo Album – “Stay Alive” 

Iconic Rocker Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and The Devouring Mothers has released a surprise digital album today on all streaming platforms. The album Stay Alive (Big Scary Monsters) was created during the pandemic and recorded in July by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. The physical release will arrive on December 11th. You can pre-order it at the link below, and listen to the album now! 

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Mono Books European Tour 2021 with A.A Williams 

Japanese avant-garde masters Mono will return to Europe in 2021. Direct support will come from A.A. Williams. Tickets on sale Friday 17th July from the link below. Mono continues to tour behind their excellent 2019 album Nowhere Now Here (Pelagic Records). Recorded with producer Steve Albini, the band released that album, their 10th,’ in January 2019 before ending the year with the ‘Beyond The Past’ 20th anniversary shows in London in December. A.A Williams just released her new full-length album Forever Blue (Bella Union).Continue reading

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Nine Inch Nails Released The Fragile 20 Years Ago

Even geniuses get beat up by the press and fans sometimes. There were very few albums as big, pervasive in music culture and brilliant as Nine Inch Nails career highlight The Downward Spiral (Nothing/Interscope) was in 1994. The problem is, how do you follow it up, especially when the entire world jumped on the bandwagon and copied your style? Well, you don’t do a belly flop into stasis, you work harder than ever to expand, change drastically and do all the things. The Fragile (Nothing/Interscope) is Trent Reznor doing all the things, really well. Continue reading

Spirit Adrift – Divided By Darkness

Get ready to subvert your opinions of what modern metal is and toss out your genre tags. Spirit Adrift is back to bash your eardrums in with riffs, melodies, beats, and deep thoughts. Like the perfect concoction of heavy, catchy and progressive music, the band has delivered a new album in Divided By Darkness (20 Buck Spin) that is just heads and shoulders above its peers. A few bands have danced on this wire before from Baroness, Mastodon, Elder, Kylesa, and others. Ambitious bands that initially got lumped in with the masses, but eventually set themselves apart with fearlessness and writing skills. Now we must add Spirit Adrift to that list of those who could pull off such a daunting amalgam of styles and do it so well. Continue reading