Sacri Monti – Waiting Room For The Magic Hour

Another outfit from the lysergic dreamlands of San Diego, Sacri Monti left a sizeable impression with their self-titled 2015 debut album (Tee Pee Records) which was a psychedelic trip through heavy vibes. The quintet’s sophomore effort, Waiting Room For The Magic Hour (Tee Pee Records), is another faithful journey through drifting sands and heady atmospheres but shows a pleasing maturity and willingness to experiment.Continue reading

Stream the New Song from Sacri Monti – “Gone From Grace”

California’s low-key Psychedelic Rock supergroup Sacri Monti (featuring members of JOY, Monarch, Radio Moscow) will release a brand new album, Waiting Room for the Magic Hour, due out on July 5 via Tee Pee Records. Light up and rock out with a brand new track “Gone From Grace” right now!Continue reading

Worshipper – Light in the Wire

It just was never meant to be. These aren’t just the rantings of a polluted mind, but my sincere consensus after giving Worshipper‘s sophomore effort Light in the Wire (Tee Pee Records) a few spins. ‘Coming Through’ gets things started and feeling like we’re entering a Baroness type soundscape and I with weed pen in hand await with bated breath. Continue reading

Pharlee – Pharlee

There’s somethin’ incestuous a-brewin’ in San Diego: a fluid drift from band to band and back again, like the returning wisps of smoke from that latest joint exhalation. This is Zach Oakley’s second journey through my cans in as many months, while more of his friends in Psych outfits JOY and Harsh Toke make yet another union in the form of the drenched riffage of Pharlee.Continue reading

Volcano – The Island

For some time now, Californian Psych junkie Zach Oakley has wanted to team up with his percussionist brother Matt, and this wish has finally materialised with new project Volcano. Debut album The Island (Tee Pee Records) is a million miles away from the weird Blues of Harsh Toke, Joy, and Loom, from where the quintet has been culled: introducing African rhythms to whacked-out jams and creating an unusual yet vibrant concoction.Continue reading

Desertfest Announces New York Festival For Next Spring

Purveyors of Doom and Stoner Metal, Deserftest has a series of long-running annual must festivals in the UK, Germany, and Belgium. Now they are bringing it to New York City next spring. Desertfest crew are partnering with Tee Pee Records and the fest is expected to be at multiple venues in Brooklyn, NY. Desertfest New York 2019 is taking place April 26th-28th 2019 in Brooklyn, New York.

Continue reading

Mirror Queen – Verdigris

Mirror Queen’s journey continues apace with the release of their new album Verdigris (TeePee), the New York bands third record and it further hones their sound, which mixes melodic guitar leads of Thin Lizzy and the heavy approach of NWOBHM with lighter, Pink Floyd like, prog-rock flourishes. The introductory song in this short six-part compendium cranks the volume up, it is a powerful nugget of hard rock with sumptuous twin guitar flourishes and a Budgie like a sense of power and speed. Verdigris is bookended by bangers as ‘Curse the Night’ takes a similar four to the floor approach, after a doomy intro you are hit with pounding drums, pacey riffs and rather tasty solos courtesy of Morgan McDaniel and axeman cum vocalist Kenny Kreisor.Continue reading

Worshipper – Shadow Hymns

Worshipper – Shadow Hymns cover ghostcultmag

From Aerosmith, The Cars, Dropkick Murphys to Extreme, Pixies and those blokes that sung ‘More Than a Feeling’, Boston has a rich history of producing rock bands and now we can add Worshipper (Tee Pee Records) to that list.Continue reading

Eerie – Eerie

Eerie – Eerie – Tee Pee Records cover ghostcultmag

2016 hasn’t been a vintage year for rock and metal. But US quartet Eerie has delivered a very pleasant and unheralded surprise. Featuring members of Witch, Draugar, Futur Skullz, and Pins of Light, their self-titled début (Tee Pee Records) Eerie has created an addictively enjoyable record with almost no hype or fanfare.

Although described as a “Black’N’Roll” style band, Eerie is more like a mix of rough around the edges doom, 70s prog, and a streak of Led Zeppelin-style rock. Although only five tracks long, most are approaching the ten minute mark and each packed to the rafters with doomy riffs and free-wheeling solos.

Opener ‘Hideous Serpent’ pulls no punches, diving straight into seven minutes of classically evil heavy metal. Vocalist Shane Baker could pass for Trouble’s Eric Wagner at times, while guitarist Tim Lehi sounds like he studied with the likes of Jimmy Page and Wino. The terrifying and powerful rhythm of ‘Yeti segues into a bass heavy jam before devolving on a swarm of squealing solos. ‘Master of Creation’ a slower burner, building to a satisfying crescendo lead by Moses Saarni chaotic drumwork.

The retro but muddy production means the album does at times feel like one long jam, with songs often blending into one another. But their style is so satisfying that it’s no bad thing. With Eerie’s debut, there’s very little not to like. It’s got the charm of a 70s record, the heaviness of a doom record, and the song writing that means you can play it on repeat. Epic.