Dustin and David of Filth Discuss Their “Southern Hostility” Album, and The Church of Kenny Powers

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with guitarist David Gantt and vocalist Dustin Mitchell, of North Carolina’s Brutal Hardcore/Deathcore/Rap Metal band Filth! We discussed their new album Southern Hostility! The guys chatted about their new album, how the band formed as a side project from another band, filming their new music video for the track “Martyr” at Ground Zero Club in Spartanburg South Carolina, opening for bands like Hatebreed, Terror, Lorna Shore, The Acacia Strain, Slaughter to Prevail, Brand of Sacrifice, Kingdom of Giants, and Chelsea Grin, why Kenny Powers is a great ambassador for the south, Sheetz versus Buc-ee’s, and more!    



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