Aseethe Share a New Single “Last Time I Do Anything For a Fucking Friend Ever”- New Album Coming Soon

Aseethe have announced their new album The Cost, out on June 21st, 2024 via Thrill Jockey. The Cost is an album shadowed by devastating losses, a visceral study in aftermaths, centered around how life moves forward after personal and universal traumas. Along with the album’s announcement, the band has shared first single “Last Time I Do Anything For a Fucking Friend Ever”, a perfect encapsulation of the different directions Aseethe skillfully navigate over the course of the album, from lush drones to bracing hardcore riffing to a sludgy dirge. Pre-orders are live at the links below, and the band has booked tour dates with Malevitch and The Eye Flys.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Je Est Un Autre – Flatworm Mysticism

As one half of the infamous Funeral Doom Metal band Bell Witch, Dylan Desmond is a musician renowned for powerful and contemplative soundscapes and is no stranger for emotive music. Following from the band’s Patreon launch a couple of years ago, Desmond has since been prominently experimenting with Ambient, synth-led music in part made to accompany segments of films (as anyone who has seen Bell Witch live will attest to their use of visual artistry in their performances). A further result of this is this solo output Je Est Un Autre, with a moniker taken from quotes of surrealist poet Arthur Rimbaud which, unsurprisingly, is a deep thought-provoking piece. Continue reading

Author and Punisher Books 20th Anniversary Mini Tour with Morne and Glassing

Tristan Shone, aka Author & Punisher has announced a short run of tour dates celebrating 20th Anniversary mini tour. Direct support will come from Morne and Glassing. Shone took his expertise as an electrical engineer and scientist to create his sound and light machines, creating unique Industrial Metal/Drone/Doom soundscapes. His last album was 2022’s acclaimed release Kruller (Relapse Records).Continue reading

INTERVIEW: John Hoffman of Stomach (Weekend Nachos, Sick/Tired) on “Parasite” and The Chicago Metal Scene

Ghost Cult caught up with John Hoffman (Weekend Nachos, Ledge) of Chicago Sludge/Drone band Stomach. Along with Adam Tomlinson (Sea Of Shit, Sick/Tired), the duo delves deep into Sludge, and Doom and Drone music that surpasses their history in many Chicago-area extreme metal and Powerviolence bands. We went deep on the evolution of the band, the growth from the two demos to their debut album Parasite out now from Hibernation Release, the challenges of John being a drummer and a vocalist, the scene, and much more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Jo Quail – Invocation – Supplication


Invocation / Supplication (By Norse Music), the new offering from experimental cellist Jo Quail, is actually a compendium of two connected three-song cycles. The first, Invocation, features the contributions of Heilung vocalist Maria Franz, plus brass instruments, percussion, bass and a choir assembled from crowdsourced mobile phone recordings of individual syllables. Supplication, on the other hand, is a less embellished affair, with just vocals from Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and Koen Kaptin’s trombone parts to augment Quail’s cello and sound design.

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INTERVIEW: Rebecca Vernon of The Keening (ex Subrosa) Breaks Down Her Debut Album “Little Bird”


Keefy caught up with Rebecca Vernon from The Keening. Her debut album “Little Bird” is out now via Relapse Records , and she shares with us life after SubRosa, writing new music, working through the creative process in a new way, coping with the new DIY artist realities after the last few years, and much more.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Divide and Dissolve – Systemic – Invada Records



The duo of Divide and Dissolve are passionate about their beliefs. The question we shall explore here is does that equate to effectively making memorable music? Many musicians have strong beliefs that they feel drives their passion to create and having a conviction about those beliefs is admirable.

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