PODCAST: Glacially Musical #187: July 4th Vinyl Trauma Dump Chaser

For a special 4th of July Chaser episode, we celebrate commerce and Independence Day by sharing a bunch of new vinyl from our collections.Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 500 – Our 500th Episode Special with Omar and Keefy

500th Podcast special!

In this episode, ⁠www.GhostCultMag.com⁠ co-owners Omar Cordy and Keefy reflect on reaching this new milestone of 500 podcasts! They discuss where we started, how we got here, the effect this has had on our other channels and networks, our hopes and plans for the future, and our tribute to Episode #1 guest, the much-missed Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder. (RIP)Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical 183: Photographer Sean Rayford on His New Zine – Long Live New Brooklyn Tavern

Sorry about Keefy’s audio and some video stuff. He is having issues

We interrupt our series on Queen for a chaser episode! Sean Rayford is a photographer from South Carolina, by way of Maryland, and has put out a zine, “Long Live New Brooklyn Tavern” documenting his time shooting punk and metalcore shows at a small club! We discuss his career, concert photography, shooting some of the biggest names in music ever (Prince, Taylor Swift, Aerosmith & Elton John to name a few), his other photography and zine endeavors, and more!Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical 182: Queen – “News Of The World” or A Tale of Two Records

Is this thing on? We are doing our sixth (out of nine) episode on Queen! “News Of The World” was the bands’ reaction to Punk Rock, The Sex Pistols, and a throwback to their blues rock roots, before they were prog!Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 481 – The Steev, Tom and Keefy Power Hour April – May 2024 

The Power Hour is back in action! We triple-teamed on ya, droppin them bees on ya 🐝 with another episode! Recapping all the essential Rock and Metal releases we covered in April ’24, and the new albums due out in May! Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical 179 – High On Fire’s “Commeth The Storm” Reviewed and Gimme Metal Vinyl Unboxing

Time for a chaser episode! Let’s review and unbox @High On Fire’s new album “Cometh The Storm” out now via MNRK Heavy! Nik unboxes the vinyl variant from Gimme Metal and we tell the story of Gimme Radio! Nik is also unnecessarily mad at Keefy.

We will be back next week with more Queen!Continue reading