CONCERT REVIEW: ZOMBI – Overcalc Live at TV Eye

04.10.24, TV Eye, Queens, NY

What an amazing show, so much so I was talking about it days later covering a fest.  It was a simple one on a Wednesday night at TV Eye in Ridgewood Queens, with only two bands but Zombi played for a solid chunk of time that still left me wanting more.  Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Lustmord – Much Unseen Is Also Here

Lustmord is the pseudonym of Brian Williams, now more than four decades into his music career and with myriad releases under his belt, including many soundtracks and collaborations, as well as a plethora of “ordinary” albums.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Gost – Prophecy

The term “heavy” is most often associated with Metal. But Metal is not the only genre of music capable of invoking heaviness. Of all the other genres capable of tapping into heaviness, synthwave is not going to be first on the list. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Boris and Uniform – Bright New Disease


Over the last few years, we have been lucky to see so many collaboration albums between two bands/artists that absolutely knock it out of the park. The latest mashup comes in the form of Boris and Uniform putting together what they call, Bright New Disease (Sacred Bones). Through nine tracks at just over thirty-two minutes, each track has its own footprint for the greater collection. Punk, industrial, thrash, doom, and noise pop up throughout the record but not one influence really ever takes the spotlight more than another.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention

Alison Goldfrapp is best known as half of the synth-pop duo Goldfrapp. Following more than twenty years and seven albums alongside Will Gregory as Goldfrapp she is finally releasing a solo record under her own full name. The Love Invention (Skint / BMG Music) was co-written by Goldfrapp in collaboration with production luminaries Richard X (Pet Shop Boys, M.I.A.), James Greenwood (Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens) and Toby Scott (The Gossip, Annie).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Tom Osman vs Existent / Nonexistent – Industrial State of Mind


Tom Osman in case you weren’t aware is a writing colleague over here at Ghost Cult and looking at the albums he’s reviewed previously, I can see he has a tendency towards for the most part the more esoteric and avant-garde as evidenced by names such as REZN, Fågelle, Soothsayer Orchestra, Holy Fawn and Black Magnet. Prior to Industrial State of Mind (Drama Recorder), Tom had recorded and released the so much for all in a day’s work album in the early part of 2022. 

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Sharing their name with the 1999 album by their “main band” gothic metal veterans Paradise Lost, Host is a goth rock project of vocalist Nick Holmes and guitarist Greg Mackintosh that allows the duo to delve deeply into their shared love of dark, eighties new wave sounds. All through the duo’s debut album IX (Nuclear Blast) — listeners will hear just as many (if not more) allusions to dark synth bands of the time like Depeche Mode, as they will to the group that Holmes and Mackintosh made their names with. The result is a very well-made and fairly consistent album that isn’t breaking any boundaries. 

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Vouna Shares New Single, New Album Coming Soon

Synth-driven funeral doom band Vouna has signed with Wolves In the Throne Room’s Artemisia Records. They are the first band chosen specifically by WITTR to release music on their label, besides themselves. If that is not enough endorsement for you, the music is killer. Their self-titled debut comes out in November, but you can listen to the first single, ‘Drowning City’, right now. Continue reading