ALBUM REVIEW: Avralize – Freaks

They say fashion recycles motifs and trends every twenty years or so. It could be argued that’s nearly true for music styles. German quartet Avralize is pulling on the threads of late 00’s/early 2010’s style to blend it into a modern Metalcore outfit. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Atlas – Dust of the Human Shape

It’s amazing the feelings that can be packed within an album. ERRA’s Jesse Cash pours himself into his personal project Ghost Atlas. Seven years have passed since the last album release and fans have been eagerly awaiting and anxious, nervous the project had been laid to rest. Finally those nerves can be quelled and doubts soothed; Ghost Atlas hit the bullseye with their second full-length album. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Milk – A Call To The Void


It’s not often a touted Emo Pop-Punk Rock band manages to sprout up from the underground and into the veins of the mainstream pulse. The Manchester, UK duo behind Hot Milk have quickly honed in their style within their short four-year tenure, as evident by their politically fueled hit single ‘Candy Coated Lie$’ which garnished over 17M Spotify streams. No different, their debut album A Call To The Void (Music For Nations) doesn’t pull a single punch.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sad Park – No More Sound


Punk is a music genre often associated with grassroots and “sticking it to the man”. Par for the course for the evolution of anything, the harsher edge of punk has softened from studded and spiked leather jackets and mile-high mohawks of the eighties to button-down flannels and sometimes Hawaiian shirts and Vans. But the message tends to be one and the same; rebellion, anti-norm, and angst wrapped in a DIY bow.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Honey Revenge – Retrovision


John Mayer once referred to a budding alternative rock vocalist as “the great orange hope” in reference to her hair color at the time of the Riot! album cycle; Mayer was nodding to none other than Paramore’s eccentric powerhouse, Hayley Williams. It can’t be a coincidence that those who hit the ground running don fiery locks that set the stage ablaze – LA’s pop-rock duo Honey Revenge has poured the gasoline and they’re holding a lit match.

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ALBUM REVIEW: IN FEAR – All Is. All Shall Be


Metalcore is a style of music that will likely always have appeal, and always have avid listeners, but few in the genre can land a knockout at the start. Bristol UK metalcore scene newcomers In Fear have wound up and clocked quite the sucker punch to the noses of the dubious and unsuspecting.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Crown The Empire – DOGMA


The late-2019 worldwide pandemic has once again found itself sandwiched between album releases, and subsequently left its mark on the band members of Crown The Empire (Rise Records). Their fifth full-length album, DOGMA, produced and mixed by Zach Jones (Fever 333, Poorstacy, Scene Queen, Nova Twins), sees a diverse album fueled by angst, crisis, isolation, and resilience. Touring drummer turned band member Jeeves Avalos completes the lineup for this album cycle and offers his creative input, and thus, it is the dawning of a new age for Crown The Empire.

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EP REVIEW: Hematite – Speak of the Devil


Hematite is a hard, steel-gray-colored stone with a metallic sheen. It comes from the Greek word “blood” (hema), alluding to the rust to dark red colored streaks that often run through the stone. Fitting for a duo that formed from former metal outfits, vocalist Davey Muise (Vanna, Trove) and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Gaultier (Big 50, To Speak of Wolves, He is Legend), come together to strike while the iron is hot to forge a new genre crossover. Hematite is where the Wild West meets metal; it’s ‘Gothic Western’.

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EP REVIEW: Exploring Birdsong – Dancing in the Face of Danger


It’s uncanny when a new band emerges on the scene with as much vigor, talent, control, and singularity as it would from a seasoned act. Somehow, the Liverpool trio catapulted themselves into immediately noteworthy status. Piano-driven and guitar-less, Exploring Birdsong brings essences of progressive rock, eighties nuance, indie, and alternative pop together to create a sound that is solely their own; they’re uncategorical.

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INTERVIEW: Brent Rambler of August Burns Red Talks About The New Album “Death Below” and More!


Ghost Cult’s Jessie Frary interviewed Brent Rambler of August Burns Red to discuss their new album “Death Below” out now via SharpTone Records! Brent discussed the long process of making of the new album, their songwriting and recording styles, breaking up the tracking for tours and festivals, the secret to the band’s longevity, and ABR’s love of Evergreen Terrace!

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