ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Atlas – Dust of the Human Shape

It’s amazing the feelings that can be packed within an album. ERRA’s Jesse Cash pours himself into his personal project Ghost Atlas. Seven years have passed since the last album release and fans have been eagerly awaiting and anxious, nervous the project had been laid to rest. Finally those nerves can be quelled and doubts soothed; Ghost Atlas hit the bullseye with their second full-length album.

Dust of the Human Shape (UNFD) picks up where All is in Sync, and There’s Nothing Left to Sing About left off. It’s as though All is in Sync… blew in like the squall line of a thunderstorm but Dust of the Human Shape is the cool air after the rain. It’s gentler and cradles the listener more than its predecessor. “Panorama Daydream” is like the warmth of springtime infatuation where “Gaps in the Armoire” is the final chilled gasp of winter. Album single “Lesser Gods” finds temptation and escape within darkness.

The mood and characteristics of Dust of the Human Shape is consistent and familiar. Not a song is out of place and there is no jarring switch up or deviation of style. To some, that could be perceived as though the album lacks diversity and interest. However, the album is a mellow, coherent journey that’s best suited for a windows-down drive during those sweet, early summer days where all the trees are still coated in lime green foliage and everything is in bloom.

Loaded with ambient and atmospheric guitar reverb, impeccably layered vocal harmonies, and driving drum beats, it would be near impossible to not sink in and be enveloped in core memories linked to similar music styles or to build new ones within the moment.

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7 / 10