If it wasn’t for bands like ERRA, Metalcore would have lost relevance a long time ago, dragging by the coattails of As I Lay Dying and Parkway Drive nostalgia that millennials still eat up today. Fortunately, the Progressive Metalcore quintet has the drive and vision to keep the genre not only alive, but thriving. The group’s sixth album, Cure (UNFD), is a true testament to that vision.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Atlas – Dust of the Human Shape

It’s amazing the feelings that can be packed within an album. ERRA’s Jesse Cash pours himself into his personal project Ghost Atlas. Seven years have passed since the last album release and fans have been eagerly awaiting and anxious, nervous the project had been laid to rest. Finally those nerves can be quelled and doubts soothed; Ghost Atlas hit the bullseye with their second full-length album. Continue reading