CONCERT REVIEW: Voivod – Prong – Hirax Live at The UC Theatre Berkeley

I headed out to Berkeley for a night of good old-fashioned Thrash and Progressive metal, in what was to be my most anticipated concert of early 2024. None of these bands have ever disappointed me, and I had no reason to believe tonight would be any different. I was pleasantly surprised that the show was nearly sold out. And after a quick stop by the merch table led me to find out sales were brisk, but also that Prong’s excellent recent album State of Emergency (Napalm Records) was sold out for the entire tour and may not be repressed by the label. This is a total bummer but I’m stoked for all the sales, and glad I got one on pre-order when the record came out. Tommy Victor also remarked from the stage the new album was hard to find now. Feel free to check out our recent interviews with Tommy and the good old times we shared.Continue reading

EP REVIEW: The Amenta – Plague of Locus


When a new review arrives in my inbox, I often listen to the music first before reading any release info from the band. I like to let the music do the talking before I check out any info from the PR agent. It wasn’t until I read the release info did I come to notice that The Amentia’s latest release Plague of Locus (Debemur Morti) contains a bunch of cover songs. Clearly, The Amentia were able to take a few tracks from bands that inspired them and to transform them into songs of their own.

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EP REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Panic Prayer – Listenable Insanity Records


Inhuman Condition released just Fearsick last year and are already back with a brand new EP. Color me fuckin’ stoked! Fearsick was on my shortlist for the album of the year in 2022. When it comes to old-school slick and sick Death Metal, few do it better.

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INTERVIEW: Liv Kristine on “River of Diamonds” and Remaining Authentic


River Of Diamonds, the 2023 return album from the sensational and highly regarded Liv Kristine, is one of the most meaningful and sweeping rock releases of the year. Planting her feet and owning her space in the scene with both tell-tale sincerity and a firm yet graceful demeanor, Liv deserves nothing but respect for her talent and dedication to the arts and the years of musical enchantment she has gifted fans. It was wonderful to discuss her new record and how to spot the lights in the dark. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Paul Gilbert Talks About “The Dio Album” and Playing Guitar for The Joy of it

Ghost Cult caught up with guitar legend Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) all about his new record, “The Dio Album” – out this week from Music Theories / Mascot Label Group. Paul discussed the inspiration he draws from Ronnie James Dio, guitar and bass parts from DIO, Black Sabbath Rainbow and more, making his new album, his playing regimen, and more!

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INTERVIEW: Dave Brenner of Theory of a Deadman on “Dinosaur” – Cover Songs, and More


Keefy caught up with Dave Brenner of Theory Of A Deadman! Their new album Dinosaur is out now via Roadrunner Records. We discussed the new album, how the band writes together, choosing a challenging cover song, and much more!

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EP REVIEW: Fit For An Autopsy – Thy Art Is Murder – Malevolence: The Aggression Sessions


Metal is allowed to be fun, especially when three heavyweights collide in a tri-split that not only features original songs from each, but unlikely cover tracks which allow for displays of versatility.

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INTERVIEW: Mikkey Dee of Motörhead Talks “Seriously Bad Magic” – Ignoring Haters, and the Legacy of Lemmy


Ghost Cult caught up with Motörhead/Scorpions/King Diamond drumming legend Mikkey Dee to discuss the deluxe version of the band’s last album – “Bad Magic” from 2015 … “Seriously Bad Magic!” The new record is out now via Silver Lining Music. Mikkey discussed the new release, presenting the “lost” tracks, his relationship with Phil Campbell, the trouble with the media, protecting Lemmy’s legacy, working with producer Cameron Webb, and if Motörhead will ever get into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!

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Listen to Tribulation Cover Blue Öyster Cult “Vengeance (The Pact)”

Tribulation will release its upcoming EP, Hamartia, via Century Media Records on April 7th, 2023. For a preview of Hamartia, the new single – a cover version of Blue Öyster Cult’s “Vengeance (The Pact)” – can be heard now at the link below:

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