ALBUM REVIEW: Ulcerate – Cutting the Throat of God

On Cutting the Throat of God (Debemur Morti Productions) Auckland, New Zealand’s Death Metal three-piece Ulcerate continue to refine their musical representation of an exploding volcano raining down molten rock and laying waste to all below.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Insect Ark – Raw Blood Singing

On Raw Blood Singing (Debemur Morti Productions), Insect Ark returns with an otherworldly and compelling sci-fi landscape of noir, subtle menace and mystery. Continue reading

Ulcerate Shares a New Single and Video “The Dawn Is Hollow” – New Album Incoming

Ulcerate, the New Zealand trio who Decibel Magazine hailed as “one of the most forward-thinking death metal bands around,” return with their highly-anticipated new album, Cutting the Throat of God, on June 14 via Debemur Morti Productions.
A preview of the seven-song album is available now with the release of “The Dawn Is Hollow” and its accompanying video at the link below:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pestilength – Solar Clorex

Art is a reflection of life. Thus the upswing in Death Metal – a renaissance that is not just a matter of marketing hitting just right. There is a wide breadth of different stylistic turns being taken, rather than just a worldwide tribute to the Tampa of the eighties. As someone who lives in Tampa at present, this might be the one city without an abundance of the deathly goodness that the rest of the world is nailing right now. Continue reading

EP REVIEW: The Amenta – Plague of Locus


When a new review arrives in my inbox, I often listen to the music first before reading any release info from the band. I like to let the music do the talking before I check out any info from the PR agent. It wasn’t until I read the release info did I come to notice that The Amentia’s latest release Plague of Locus (Debemur Morti) contains a bunch of cover songs. Clearly, The Amentia were able to take a few tracks from bands that inspired them and to transform them into songs of their own.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Nahal


Disharmonium – Nahal (Debemur Morti Productions) is the sixteenth full-length release from Blut Aus Nord, the enigmatic French avant-garde black metal band that have now existed for thirty years. Following on from last year’s Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses, this new record also draws inspiration from H.P Lovecraft and is claimed by its accompanying press release to be “womb-like, detail-rich, disturbed and transformative”.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pestilence Hex – The Ashen Abhorrence

The Ashen Abhorrence (Debemur Morti Productions) is the debut album from Finnish duo Pestilence Hex, who delivers a full-on blast of heavily old-school Norwegian-influenced black metal. The project brings together vocalist M.Malignant (Corpsessed / Tyranny) and multi-instrumentalist L.Oathe (Desolate Shrine / Convocation) two musicians better known in death/doom circles, but who certainly appear to also know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to the black stuff.

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