Origin Share “Disease Called Man” Single and Video

Revelling in joining their labelmates, Vader, for the 40 Years Of The Apocalypse North American tour, Origin have just released “Disease Called Man” as a single and video. The track was originally written for their 2000 self-titled debut album, but has now been re-recorded and put out under its own merit. Head into the article below for the video and live listings. 

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END OF YEAR GUEST POST: Jeramie Kling of Inhuman Condition – Top Albums of 2023

We are still wrapping up all the goodness of 2023 with some fun guest posts from bands, friends, and fiends! Check out this list from Jeramie Kling of Inhuman Condition, Fore, formerly of Venom Inc., and more. Continue reading

PODCAST: Ghost Cult’s Weekly Ritual – Rock and Metal News Show Livestream 10-20-23


Catch up on what you missed this week in the world of Rock and Metal news with our show! #musicnews #rocknews #interviews #newmusicfriday #metalfestivals #tourdates #metalconcerts #vinylcollector #metalmerch

Sorry for some audio issues. Our new mute button shit the bed and I had to reboot it. 

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INTERVIEW: Jeramie Kling of Inhuman Condition Breaks Down “The Panic Prayer” EP, Being Indispensable, and More

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up once again with Jeramie Kling of  Inhuman Condition . The band released their new EP  “The Panic Prayer” this summer and Jeramie broke it down track-by-track, discussed producing records with Taylor Nordberg, time spent in his many other bands Deicide, Venom INC, Dritt Skit, and Fore, and more!    

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New Music Friday Rock and Metal New Album Releases 7-21-23

Check out our preview of the new metal and rock releases coming out this week for New Music Friday 7-21-23!

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EP REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Panic Prayer – Listenable Insanity Records


Inhuman Condition released just Fearsick last year and are already back with a brand new EP. Color me fuckin’ stoked! Fearsick was on my shortlist for the album of the year in 2022. When it comes to old-school slick and sick Death Metal, few do it better.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Kill Division – Peace Through Tyranny

I’ve been a huge Transformers fan since the original 1980s cartoon and toy line (yes, I’m old). So when I was sent Kill Division’s debut album, Peace Through Tyranny (Redefining Darkness Records), Megatron’s quote line from the original action figure, I was instantly intrigued. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: July 15th New Music Releases

Purchase and Stream all the New Music released today

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ALBUM REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Fearsick

Instantly upon gazing at the awesome retro feeling, Repka-looking album art by Dan “Babe Ruth” Goldworthy, I was instantly transported back in time to the death metal heyday of the nineties. Back in those dark days before the internet, we heavily relied on album art alone as we foraged through record bins hoping to discover new brutal artists to add to our ever-growing extreme metal libraries. Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Micawber – Crusadist: Live at The Sanctuary 

It was a clear and cold night on a wintery Sunday in Detroit, Michigan when Death Metallars, Inhuman Condition brought their “Tourantula” 2022 Tour to town. They arrived at a local’s favorite live music joint, The Sanctuary, along with Midwest’s own Micawber and Crusadist. The quaint-sized venue was the perfect fit for the fans to experience an intimate and enjoyable encounter with these Death Metal experts. Cozied up in the small town of Hamtramck, The Sanctuary caters particularly well to the heavy. With concert spots like this, plus the local acts that opened the evening, Nethergate and Centenary, showed us that the metal scene in Michigan is alive and well. 

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