INTERVIEW: Jeramie Kling of Inhuman Condition Breaks Down “The Panic Prayer” EP, Being Indispensable, and More

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up once again with Jeramie Kling of  Inhuman Condition . The band released their new EP  “The Panic Prayer” this summer and Jeramie broke it down track-by-track, discussed producing records with Taylor Nordberg, time spent in his many other bands Deicide, Venom INC, Dritt Skit, and Fore, and more!    



Inhuman Condition is:

Jeramie Kling – Vocals/Drums

Terry Butler- Bass

Taylor Nordberg – Guitar


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Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy


Editing by Omar Cordy

Theme music by Salted Wounds


This video includes a shoutout (mention) for King Serpent


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