Deftones’ Career-Defining Album “White Pony” Turns 20

Success has a way of messing with a good band. First world problems compared to the millions of bands that never make it, sure. However, so often when an emerging band that has fast become a genre leader, big corporate record labels can foul up the flow. This was almost the case of White Pony by Deftones, and the case where the hype was lived up to by pencil pushers, bean counters, and greed almost wrecked the game. White Pony is the band’s pivotal third album, where they built off the stylistic changes that came in with Around The Fur (Maverick) and pushed their sound further than before. In the process, they severed themselves far from the Nu-Metal wave that was exploding at the time and firmly created a new camp of “Deftones Music” as a category. That is, until, the label got in their business later on.Continue reading

Jonathan Davis – Black Labyrinth

Korn is a band that needs no introduction, they speared headed the Nu-Metal genre back in the early nineties and have continued to be one of the best live bands on the planet whilst maintaining the quality of their recorded output. Frontman Jonathan Davis is a true modern day icon for metal whether it be for that signature voice or the lyrics that spoke to an entire generation. Having dabbled in various projects away from Korn, Davis is now ready to unleash his first solo offering, that being Black Labyrinth (Sumerian).Continue reading