INTERVIEW: Page Hamilton of Helmet Breaks Down His New Album “Left’

Ghost Cult caught up with Page Hamilton of Metal legends Helmet! Their 2023 album “Left” was released via earMUSIC, and is a document of where the band is musically, mentally, and politically. Page shared a track-by-track breakdown, discussed his creative process, why he went so deep on politics in his lyrics this time, the longevity of the current lineup of the band, and much more!

Note: Page had to dip to a studio session appointment, so the final three songs of track-by-track were done separately. 

Thanks to Valeria of Duff Press for putting this interview together for us. 

Stream and buy the new album here: 

Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy

Editing by Omar Cordy

Theme music by Salted Wounds


This video contains a mention of Destroyers of Reality:

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