PREVIEW: Record Store Day 2024 Essential Rock, Metal and Punk Releases

Another Record Store Day is upon us and we are still to bring you our pretty comprehensive list of what releases we think you should be picking up, and labels you ought to support. We get that commercialism and capitalism a kind of destroying the whole world, but at the same time if you love music, and if you especially love underground music, you want to support artists as hardcore as possible. The best way to do that is to put money in their pockets so they can keep doing what you love, and what they love.

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitāns:

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitāns:

If you shop, shop with a purpose. Especially shop small labels, and in the record stores, more than anything else. We will be your best friend forever if you do.

As usual please don’t fall for picture discs they don’t sound as good, slip mats (the foam ones are bad for your turntable), and gimmicky things of that nature, and try to stay away from vinyl with etchings. However cool-looking and rare they impede the best sound to educated years.

Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Blues Funeral Recordings) 2 x LP
An essential pickup for Stoner Doom fans. Especially after the comeback album last year. This record came after a long- period hiatus. Casual fans don’t know it as, well but should buy.

Amorphis – My Kantele (Relapse Records) LP
Named for a traditional finished folk song from 1840, the second EP from Finland’s mighty Amorphis is going to be for collectors only. It does have a very cool Hawkwind cover.

Apocalyptica – Worlds Collide (Deluxe Edition) (Harmageddon Records) 2 x LP
Best known for their Metallica covers, (and the upcoming new album of more Metallica covers) The bands’ sixth release features stellar guest appearances including Corey Taylor on the hit single “I’m Not Jesus,” Till Lindemann of Rammstein, Dave Lombardo, Adam Gontier, and Christina Scabbia. Most casual fans have heard these songs and probably will purchase this.

Asking Alexandria – Reckless & Relentless (Sumerian Records) 1 LP
Last Gen, scene kids at Warped Tour have their Motley Crue kink worked out. It holds up surprisingly well.

At The Drive-In – In/Casino/Out (Craft Recordings) LP
Craft Recordings does it again! Hard to believe this album is 26 years old, but this is an essential late 1990s post-hardcore release and, probably the most emo-sounding at the band ever was. The Purple and Green Smoke variant pressings look tasty af.

At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul (Earache Records) LP
Of course, Slaughter of the Soul is an essential Melodic Death Metal release. It has been reissued many times, so I’m not 100% sure about how necessary this version is, but if you don’t have it, pick it up now and stop being a fucking poser!

Band X – The Best of Band X (Riding Easy Records)
Solid band from a great label that never fails!


Black Breath – Box Set RSD Exclusive 24 (Southern Lord) 5 X LP / Cassette
God damn, we miss Black Breath, and this set looks amazing. Not sure of the final retail price for either the cassettes or LPs, but you could do worse than spending a few days pay on this.

Bodysnatcher – Vile Conduct – MNRK Heavy LP
The heaviest album coming out on Record Store Day. MNRK Heavy out here just killing it with their releases for RSD, or otherwise this year.


The Bottle Rockets – The Brooklyn Side (30th Anniversary) Real Gone Music 2 x LP
One of the most underrated rock bands of the mid-1990s. Their debut album is not on streaming, so this will be a big collectible for fans and Alt-Rock lovers.


Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas – Songs To No One (Instinct Records) 2 x LP
Sign me up for this release!


Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid (Deluxe Edition) 2 x LP
Surely, this is the most tame and commercial Beefheart record. A hella influential artist. 1970s aficionados circle this on their list.


Eric Carr (KISS) Unfinished Business: The Deluxe Editon Boxset (Culture Factory USA) 2 x LPz
Discussed on the Glacially Musical podcast – Kiss stans will want this, if it’s been remastered correctly. This has only ever been available as part of a larger Kiss box set before, and thus still rare.


Cheech & Chong – Up in Smoke LP
The comedy soundtrack classic 10 / 10, no notes.


Chesterfield Kings – Electrified/My Back
Produced by Little Steven Van Zant himself, this is the brand new single from an old-school band trying to rev the machine back up. Pick it up if you love Little Steven’s radio show and similar Garage Rock bands.

INTERVIEW: Will Turpin of Collective Soul Discusses Touring, Cover Songs, and Big Plans for 2024

Collective Soul – Dosage – Craft Recordings
Craft Recordings, once again knocked it out of the park with their reissue series on Record Store Day. This release is part of Collective Souls’ ongoing legacy anniversary celebrations, and Dosage is one of their essential early albums. The big hit single “Heavy” is still played live on tour to this day.

Coney Hatch – Postcard from Germany (Anthem Records) 1 LP
An excellent Rock band for their time. This album will be on vinyl for the first time ever!

Creed – Greatest Hits LP (May 24th) (Craft Recordings) 2 LP
Not out this weekend, but releasing in late May. If the comeback of this band has proven anything, nostalgia is as strong, if not stronger than pride. Also, pretty good songs, and bags and bags of money.

Chester Bennington with Stone Temple Pilots, by Keefy

Dead By Sunrise (Chester Bennington of Linkin Park) – Out of Ashes (Warner Records) 2 x LP
The mid-aughts Rock supergroup featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and members of Orgy and Julian-K, this was a cool little record. What a shame we didn’t get more music from them. A must-buy for Chester fans.

Death Cab for Cutie – Live at The Showbox 2 LP.
I’m not the hugest Death Cab fan in the world, but catching a little bit of their set at Riot Fest last fall reminded me that they are an excellent band with catchy hit songs, I seem to know all too well. Much to discuss at therapy next week. Recorded right as the global COVID-19 pandemic was breaking so, timing.


Def Leppard One Night Only: Live At The Leadmill 2023Mercury Studios 2 x LP
They keep making these every RSD. They are still good live (and the best band of The Stadium Tour) so a buy for the major lovers of the Lep.

DIO – The Last in Live (40 Years Of The Last In Line) BMG 12″ Picture
We do not love picture disks here at Ghost Cult. That being said DIO has had an RSD release every year of late,, including the exceptional Live in Fresno. This is a pickup for fanboys, mainly.

Dirty Heads Midnight Control Deluxe: Collector’s Edition Vinyl Boxset – (Better Noise Music) 4 x LP
Dirty Heads – Dessert Endurance Music Group 7″ Vinyl (Better Noise)
Dirty Heads coming in with two records through a day releases. They definitely have their loyal fans, but these are not for rando fans.


Dixie Dregs – The Great Spectator – Iconoclassic RecordsLP
I believe this is the Dixie Dregs original demo that got them signed in 1976. One of the preeminent Prog-Rock bands in American history. Nerds: to the front of the line

Doctor Who – Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction (Demon Records) LP Picture Disc
Get in the phone booth. Arrive at the record store. Buy album. Leave in the phone booth. Carry On!


Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Pictures At An Exhibition BMG LP Picture Disc
Great, but don’t really need the Picture Disc.

Enslaved – Vikingligr Veldi – By Norse Music 2 x LP
Enslaved’s debut was way ahead of its time. Not sure how much the master tapes could be improved from the from the 1994 originals, but if you love this band and raw early Viking-based Black Metal Viking, you probably need to pick this up. The green translucent vinyl looks magical.

Excel – Seeking Refuge (Southern Lord LP)
Love the Crossover Thrash era of this band. This stoner rock release was definitely a curiosity in 1995. Only for serious Excel fans.

INTERVIEW: Richard Patrick of Filter Breaks Down “The Algorithm” Album Track-By-Track

Filter – The Very Best Things (greatest hits) (Craft Recordings)
If you don’t have the money to go deep and buy a whole band’s discography, a greatest hits comp is a great introduction! Filter has classic bangers upon bangers in terms of the hits. Another winner from Craft Recordings!

G.B.I. (Grohl, Benante, Ian) – The Regulator MRI 7″ Vinyl
Probably the record Keefy is most interested in on RSD 2024, and probably one that is going to sell out and cause hysteria among fans. Imagine what this band would sound like making all original music in the same style of Bad Brains and S.O.D. People forget Dave cut his teeth on DC Hardcore punk and the Anthrax guys helped bring the NYHC punks over to metal. Speaking of metal, I still need to get that Probot album on vinyl.


Groovie Ghoulies – 40 Years of Kepi & The Groovie Ghoulies (Schoolkids Records) 2 x LP
Another greatest hits pick by one of the most beloved NorCal Pop Punk/Horrorcore bands. This band always ruled, and their full-lengths are all being reissued slowly over time by Pirate’s Press.

INTERVIEW: Ville Valo on His Solo Project VV, The End of HIM, and a Discussion of “Neon Noir”

HIM – Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart/Poison Girl (Strongroom Sessions) (BMG) 12″ Picture Disc
Likely a collector’s item for lovelorn stalkers, Goths, HIM, and Ville Valo’s many insane fans. This is a Heartagram picture disc, with two rare tracks from arguably their best record.

Horse The Band – A Natural Death (MNRK Heavy) 2 x LP
Another band on MNRK Heavy on this list. This album totally fucks!

THE HU – Live At Glastonbury (Better Noise Music)
A great intro to the band and their style. Especially with their upcoming support slot opening for Iron Maiden in North America. The packaging, the vinyl, and the bonus poster all make it worth it for newbie fans.

In This Moment Star – Crossed Wasteland Limited Run Vinyl LP
Solid, but they have better albums. For the completist fan in you.


Elton John – Caribou (50th Anniversary Edition) (UMe) 2 x LP
As a massive Elton John fan, although this album has two classic bangers there are a lot of duds on this one. The OG recording was dope, and I’m sure the remaster is amazing from at Caribou Ranch ( home of Chicago the band). So another buy, but really just for the die-hards.

Forbidden – Omega Wave (New Vinyl Splatter) (M-Theory Recordings) 2 x LP
Bay area Thrashers Forbidden’s comeback album from 2010 was a revelation of Thrash Metal! This cool vinyl variant is worth having if don’t already possess this one!

Jucifer – Calling All Cars On The Vegas Strip (Init Records) LP
This one has us intrigued. Originally released on the amazingly named Crack Rock Records, the debut album from one of the most essential underground Sludge metal bands has been out of print for quite a while. Although you can pick up cheap OG 1998 copies on Discogs. If done right, this should be a big upgrade.

Lenny Kaye & Friends – Lenny Kaye & Friends: Live At The Cat’s Cradle A 50th Anniversary
Lenny is a legend and a prince of a dude. This is an essential pickup for more of retro rock lovers and Patti Smith worshipers.


King Black Acid – Victory For Mad Love (New Album)
“It’s a bold move Cotton” … to make your new album an RSD drop. This is a great indie rock record, from what we’ve heard.


Meat Puppets – Live In Montana (MRI) LP
Another curious one I would love to have heard a sample of this first. Being that Meat Puppets’ profile has grown immeasurably, especially with the recent anniversaries of the passing of Kurt Cobain, and the MTV Unplugged, which featured Puppets’ dudes and songs on it. Some say the best songs of the unplugged are the MP songs. This one might sell out.

Memphis Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson & Matt Murphy – 1963 Blues Festival (Red Light)
Definitely an absolute must-buy for pure Blues fans and guitar tone lovers.


Militarie Gun – Life Under The Sun (Loma Vista) 12″ Vinyl EP
Militarie Gun are getting a lot of flack from asshole haters online. Let’s see if they weather the storm after the Taco Bell commercial brewhaha, like what happened to Turnstile and Scowl. They rock, so it’s dumb to bet against them.

Ennio Morricone – Orca (Music From The Motion Picture) (Reel Cult Series) (Varèse Sarabande) LP
Ennio Morricone – Storie di Vita e Malavita (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film) (CAM Sugar) LP
There are a lot of Morricone albums out here in the ether, and his fans seem to scoop them up, RSD, or not.

Motorhead – Remorse? No! (Sanctuary Records) 2 x LP
Like Ramones and Dio, the beloved heavy metallers seem to have a new record every year on this day. They must be selling like mad.

Mr Big – The Big Finish – Lean Into It Live (evoXS) LP
If you missed the farewell tour, which is quickly winding down dates-wise, this will be a good document. Read our review here for what to expect.

CONCERT REVIEW: Mr. Big – Jared James Nichols Live at KK’s Steel Mill


Mudhoney – Suck You Dry: The Reprise Years 5 x LP
An Alternative and Punk giant that never got their due, as much as they deserved. Not gonna be priced too nice, but worth getting if you love them.

The Offspring – Splinter (20th Anniversary) (Round Hill Music) LP Picture Disc
When Pop Punk bands try to be more interesting, they experiment and get weirdly less punk. This works out half the time on Splinter, but does have three hit singles you know and the legend Josh Freese (Vandals, Descendants, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Circle) on drums.

OMD Junk Culture: Demos and Rarities – LP
I always liked this band, but 3500 copies? Wtf? Only buy if you love the band.

Paramore Re: This Is Why (Remix + Standard) (Atlantic Records) 2 x LP
Paramore Re: This is Why (Atlantic Records) LP
David Byrne & Paramore Hard Times/Burning Down The House Fine Print 12″ Vinyl EP
Suddenly D.I.Y. after 25 years, and Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2024, Paramore has three releases for RSD. The best is not their own 2023 album (a big old bunch of meh to me) but the collab with David Byrne of Talking Heads is a keeper.

CONCERT REVIEW: Pigsx7 – Dälek – Taraneh Live at Elsewhere

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Live at KEXP (Missing Piece Records) 12″ Vinyl EP
Please, please, please seven times; let me get more records from KEXP Radio Live sessions! Pigsx7 is a face-melting live band you definitely need to know, if you love the heavy shit!

Pixies – Live From Red Rocks 2005 (Demon Records) 2 x LP
A live Pixies record with Kim Deal, made at Red Rocks? Why isn’t this a DVD/Blu-ray? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I am asking for realz!

Ramones – The 1975 Sire Demos LP
Ramones. Record Store Day. Rarities. Rinse. Repeat.
Hey Ho, Let’s Go (to the record store!)

The Replacements – Not Ready for Prime Time: Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, January 11, 192 x LP F The Residents Leftovers Again!? Again!?!?! Cherry Red LP
They were a great band live. These are likely solid pick-ups for the Alt-Rock crowd.

Screaming Trees – Strange Things Happening – The Ellensburg Demos 1986-88 (Screaming Trees LLC/Vinyl)
Curious about these, but would love to have heard some samples first. Mark might be the best vocalist ever from a Seattle band (mostly post-Trees).

Sevendust – Heavier Than Seven (Rise Records) LP
A good intro to a strong run of albums for the band. A bunch of lesser-known bangers for the casual fan, including the stellar and heavy “Splinter” and “Thank You.” We still need that debut 7D album to get a proper vinyl release in our lifetime. If I win the lotto, we will buy the masters and make it happen. Pinky swear.

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Nocturne (Geffen) 2 x LP
Buy this one.

The Sisters of Mercy – Body and Soul
This one too!

Sleater-Kinney – This Time/ Here Today (Loma Vista Recordings) 7″ Vinyl
A great band that puts out quality special stuff for the superfans.

The Slits – In The Beginning (Jungle Records) 2 x LP
As a major Slits fan and a buyer of the recent remaster of Cut. An essential crossover band from Post-Punk to true-school Ska. This release is named for the “In the Beginning There Was Rhythm” track – this is a vinyl of a compilation from the 1997, and a sort of hits package. Buy it and regret nothing, punks!

Snarky Puppy – Live At The Band On The Wall (GroundUP Music) LP

Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret (Mercury/Island) 2 x LP
Nik of Glacially Musical said buy this one! All you boomer closet goths, please don’t die from auto-erotic asphyxiation while listening to this one, after you buy it. The shame will be too much for your family when they find you.


Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Rock Art and The X-Ray Style 25th Anniversary (Dark Horse)
Damn. 25 years old in 2024. Not appreciated enough as a debut back then because people wanted Joe-solo to be a stand-in for The Clash. Better loved now. RIP Joe.

Supergrass – Kiss of Life is 20 (BMG) 10″ Vinyl EP
I would rather have the full compilation this came from, but maybe these tracks are out of print and not on streaming. I didn’t care to look.


TAD – Infrared Riding Hood (Real Gone Music) LP
Another lesser-known, but badass Seattle band. Their label boned them so hard in 1995. Why so fuggin heavy, TAD? So many monster songs from this underrated, but respected band.

Talking Heads – Live at WCOZ 77 2 x LP
Gimmie all the Talking Heads 1970s live shows on vinyl. All. Of. Them.
David Byrne might have won RSD, if it were a sport.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Live in France: The 1966 Concert in Limoges (Deep Digs) 2 x LP
So ahead of her time, and now getting her dues with her rightful place on the guitar version Mt. Rushmore. Bow down!

Thin Lizzy – Live at Hammersmith 16/11/1976 (Mercury/Island) 2 x LP
This might be great. Fingers crossed! Would love to “try before I buy this one,” but this could be better than the popular Live and Dangerous.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler Than Jesus (Wax Trax! Records) EP
Industrial metal royalty, but this release for is serious fans only.

Corey Taylor – CMF2B… or Not 2B BMG LP
What does Slipknot’s Corey Taylor think? Unsure but Keefy thinks I would not buy this except for the covers (standard takes on Ozzy, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, and a rare Led Zeppelin – “Ten Years Gone”).

Team Sleep – Team Sleep (Warner Records) 2 x LP
Dream Pop supergroup ft. Chino Moreno of Deftones and Crosses! This reissue will finally have the long-lost deleted versions of tracks with Mary Timony (Helium) and Mike Patton (you know the bands he is in), both icons and two of Moreno’s heroes.

Tesla – Real to Reel Vol I 2 x LP
Telsa always deserved better treatment and more fans. Rock fans are eating good this RSD!

Tragically Hip – Live At CBGB’s
An amazing live document of a band huge in Canada, but not so much in the USA. We are a dumb nation of uncultured idiots. This is the actual proof.

CONCERT REVIEW: Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls – Pet Needs – Truckstop Honeymoon – Mash P. Live at Manchester Academy 1

Frank Turner – Girl From The Record Shop (XTRA Mile 7″ Vinyl)
With his impending new album, this is a treat for real ones. Frank is one of the best living singer-songwriters today. We have proof!

Ultravox Steven Wilson Extended Re-mixes (Chrysalis Records) 12″ Vinyl Single
Steven Wilson Harmonic Divergence Spinefarm LP
Anything made or remastered by Steven Wilson, just take my money!

Witchfinder General – Death Penalty (Heavy Metal Records) LP
Sick! This has been out of print forever! A classic NWOBHM album, you know Lars Ulrich is gonna send his assistant to go and buy this.

Unwritten Law Blue Room (30 Year Anniversary) (Suburban Noize Records) LP
The underrated Punk debut gets a reissue. 20 something me is stoked! 50 something me is sad this album is 30 years old, lol

Voivod – The Wake Limited Run Vinyl 2 x LP (Century Media Records)
A very good album worth getting on vinyl. Too bad they went with an etching on side D instead of the bonus tracks from the deluxe CD version.

Wardruna – Skald (By Norse Music) 2 x LP
Hell yeah! A wonderful slice of Norse-Folk from the masters of the genre. This was one of our top albums of 2018, and was pressed on vinyl variants before, but not as fresh looking as this new one.

Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Fuckin’ Up (Reprise Records) 2 x LP
Even though the grumpy legend is relenting and putting stuff on Spotify now (slowly) this live set is gonna snatched up by the “Oldchella” crowd.

Frank Zappa – Zappa For President (Zappa Records) 2 x LP
2016 comp album – first time on vinyl and put out by Zappa’s family imprint. Not-essential, but cool.

OST – South Park 25th Anniversary Concert (Primus, Ween, members of Rush):
OMG! They just killed my wallet!


Honorable mentions – non-metal but we would buy all of these with a winning Powerball draw.

Bill Evans Trio – Everybody Digs Bill Evans (1-LP, Mono, 180-gram Vinyl)

Boogie Down Productions Edutatainment Get On Down 2 x LP

David Bowie Waiting in the Sky (Before The Starman Came To Earth) LP

Vince Guaraldi It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown – Original Soundtrack Recording Lee Mendelson Film Productions

Kool Keith & MC Homeless Mushrooms & Acid Four Finger Distro 12″ Vinyl Single

Remi Wolf Live At Electric Lady Island EP

Nas Illmatic: Remixes & Rarities Legacy LP

Willie Nelson & Various Artists Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90 — Live At The Hollywood Bowl Volume II Legacy 2 x LP

Willie Nelson – Phases and Stages 2 x LP

Nico At The Live Inn, Tokyo ’86 Culture Factory USALP

Schoolly D – Saturday Night: The Album Get On Down LP

Slum Village -D etroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit) Ne’Astra Music GroupLP

Art Tatum- Jewels In The Treasure Box: The 1953 Chicago Blue Note Jazz Club Recordings (DeResonance Records) 3 x LP

Bernie Worrell – Wave from the WOOniverse (ORG & Loantaka Records_ 2 x LP

Dalai Lama – Inner World (1-LP, Gold Vinyl)

Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: The Freedom Sound! The People Arise (1-LP, Freedom Blue Swirl Vinyl)