Danny Carey Reveals Ancient Tool Band History Secrets, New “Ænima” Vinyl Remaster and More in a New Interview with Rick Beato 

In a new interview with popular Rock music YouTuber Rick Beato, Danny Carey of Tool welcomes Rick into the band’s secret Los Angeles rehearsal studio, where much of the band’s music has been formed since 1989-1990. In a wide-ranging chat nearly an hour Danny discussed the formation of the band, how he met Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones, his work in the music industry before Tool was a band, his influences growing-up as well as in-depth discussions of his drumming techniques, hardware and the key to his tunings, as well as recording secrets of the band, the not yet announced new “Ænima” vinyl remaster, Fear Innoculum and live performance notes. For Tool fans bands, future aspiring drummers and prog musicians, this is a must-watch!Continue reading