ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – Dark Rainbow

If every action has an equal and opposite reaction (or some such other attempt to pretend I paid attention in Science class all those years ago), it is no surprise that Dark Rainbow (International Death Cult) thinks where Sticky bounded in head-first, that it shows vulnerability where its predecessor presented a larger-than-life gregarious face.

Fifth dance for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Dark Rainbow sees Frank and partner-in-crime Dean Richardson continue their approach of creating a sound and style for each album that, while it has definable elements that ensures that despite any skin that is shed the remaining vipers are undeniably “Rattlesnakes”, sets each release apart from it’s siblings. Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Albums of the Year 2023 – Part 3 (20-2)

Thermal count is rising in perpetual writhing, the primordial ooze of albums continues, and the sanity they lose choosing their favorites of the year. Awakened in the morning, to more ear-pollution warnings…

Now I can only laugh, as I read our epitaph – we end 2023 with cheer, in the light of our Albums of the Year.

May you all rust in peace…Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Albums of the Year 2023: Part 2 (40-21)

After such a fine introduction to the albums that have soundtracked our 2023 (Part 1 – 75-41), we now get into the belly of the beast and plunge on through the never, a testament to the diversity and abundance of alternative and heavy music that availed and impressed us this year.
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EP REVIEW: Sugar Horse – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


Sludge is what happens when hardcore kids play doom metal. Bristol’s Sugar Horse might not replace all the Black Sabbath with Black Flag on their new EP Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (Fat Dracula Records), but their anger owes a debt of gratitude to the bands who did. This is felt on the volatile side of their good cop / bad cop formula.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Rile – Pessimist


Hailing from Salt Lake City and formed by Cult Leader bassist Sam Richards, Rile are a band with fine credentials who have recently landed on the Church Road Records roster and have created a solid debut for the UK label, which unashamedly takes inspiration from Converge, Trap Them and the like.

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EP REVIEW: The Callous Daoboys – God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys


Much like the Atlanta band’s name is a mocking twist on the Dallas Cowboys, their take on metalcore is a mocking twist on the genre. Normally this sort of thing is not my personal taste, and I write it off as MySpace metal, however these guys have perverted in such a manner that it appeals to me. They are aggressive yet highly skilled in the mathematics of their contorted riffing.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Teeth of the Sea – Hive


If the sea had teeth what would they look like? (You’ve probably never wondered). If you have asked yourself such a question, you’ll likely have to keep pondering. As to what they would sound like, well Sam Barton, Mike Bourne and Jimmy Martin, known collectively as Teeth of the Sea, have been providing an answer to that question since their first record (2009’s Orphaned by the Ocean). Hive (Rocket Recordings) is the group’s sixth full-length release.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Nytt Land – Torem

Nytt Land rip the balls off a Siberian tiger (no wild animals were injured for the purposes of this review) with the adventurously ambient, spirited and spiritual Torem (Napalm Records). Elemental, wild and ancient. Throat singing, Finno-Ugric languages. The kind of old-world wisdom the new world craves.

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Talent-wise, the sisters of ALT BLK ERA are well beyond their years even if lyrically, it’s just about as cringe-worthy as anyone’s high school diary. Hearing the “nobody understands me” cliche from actual teenagers instead of balding middle-aged men trying for a new demo is a very refreshing change, though!

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