Hey kids! Do you like having a really bad time? Well, meth. are here to grind your face right down into the dirtiest pit of despair (or possibly drag you down into the pit of despair they already found themselves in). And they look like such a carefree bunch in their promo photos!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: John Hoffman of Stomach (Weekend Nachos, Sick/Tired) on “Parasite” and The Chicago Metal Scene

Ghost Cult caught up with John Hoffman (Weekend Nachos, Ledge) of Chicago Sludge/Drone band Stomach. Along with Adam Tomlinson (Sea Of Shit, Sick/Tired), the duo delves deep into Sludge, and Doom and Drone music that surpasses their history in many Chicago-area extreme metal and Powerviolence bands. We went deep on the evolution of the band, the growth from the two demos to their debut album Parasite out now from Hibernation Release, the challenges of John being a drummer and a vocalist, the scene, and much more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Suffering Quota – Collide


Grindcore is one of those subgenres in the heavy music world that is often overlooked and is also one of the most abrasive. To a point where sometimes it is difficult to differentiate bands at times as the typical criteria of what makes a grindcore band, are quite narrow. Sometimes, the borders are pushed outward, such as can be seen on the latest Suffering Quota album, Collide (Tartarus Records). Take traditional grindcore, toss in some death metal, and make the breakdowns count with powerviolence, and you are left with the audio recordings of a true beatdown.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Venomous Concept – The Good Ship Lollipop


Napalm Death’s Shane Embury is a musician who seemingly never rests! After spending the best part of four decades playing the earth-shattering bass in the world’s premiere Death / Grindcore band, he has also dabbled in a seemingly endless succession of side projects and guest appearances. In 2021 he created one of the albums of the year by returning to Blood From The Soul and bringing in Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon for the journey, and in 2022 he provided music of a more obscure and experimental electronic persuasion, with Dark Sky Burial

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Taylor Young Has Parted Ways with Nails

Tough news for Powerviolence/Hardcore band Nails as Taylor Young has apparently parted ways with the band. Young made the post to his Instagram account while praising his final work with the band, the 10th-anniversary re-issue of their classic Unsilent Death (Six Feet Under Records). Apparently, the split is amicable according to Young, who is also the vocalist and guitarist of Twitching Tongues.  As of yet, there has been no comment from the band, as they are generally down on social media.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lord Mantis – Universal Death Church

It’s no secret that Charlie Fell has issues. Anyone reading the few interviews he gave to promote Death Mask (Profound Lore Records), his last outing with Chicago’s Lord Mantis prior to his acrimonious departure from the band, won’t fail to be staggered by some of the personal revelations feeding his lyrical contribution to that album. Coupled with the tragic loss of revered drummer Bill Bumgardner in 2016, it was hard to see a way for the soul of this truly disturbing entity to continue forward: yet here we are with Universal Death Church (Profound Lore Records), Fell back behind both bass and microphone and re-absorbed by the nucleus of Andrew Markuszewski, fellow returnee Ken Sorceron and honorary fifth member, vocalist Dylan O’Toole.Continue reading

Endorphins Lost – Seclusions

There was once a fabled war between Punk and Metal. It seems hard to believe today with the two being so often deeply entrenched both musically and ideologically these days, but alleged reports of intense violence at cross-genre shows are a thing of legend. A sort of peace deal was brokered with the advent of Crossover Thrash, Grindcore and Hardcore, particularly the Metallic Hardcore subgenre. It’s here in the grey area of what is Punk and what is Metal we find Endorphins Lost, a Hardcore/Powerviolence outfit straight out of the Pacific Northwest with Seclusions (From The Head Of Zeus).Continue reading

Anal Trump Release New Album For US Election Day, ft.100 Songs In Eleven Minutes

Anal Trump, the San Diego Grindcore powerhouse has formed a Super Pac, “So It Has Come To This”, and released their new album, The First 100 Songs, via Joyful Noise Recordings. The album drop today is in honor of Election Day today, November 6th in the United States. The band also released a $10,000 deluxe version with the stipulation it cannot be sold to disgraced Pharma-bro and universally hated douchebag Martin Shkreli. The deluxe album contains one solitary copy of their album, as 100 individual one-inch records… available for a purchase price of $10 thousand dollars USD. Check out this teaser sampler of the album, and buy or stream it below as well. Continue reading