George A. Romero’s Horror Classic “Dawn Of The Dead” Returns to the Big Screen This Weekend to Celebrate its 45th Anniversary

New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc.® is proud to announce George A. Romero’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ will be celebrating the 45th Anniversary of its North American debut with a blow-out celebration event! The definitive zombie classic returns to both Theatres and Drive-Ins for screenings across the U.S. and Canada, with most theaters welcoming the film back to the big screen starting at midnight tonight, April 12! In addition, there are very special official anniversary collectables coming from FRIGHT-RAGS and ISH! The previously announced big-screen return has updated and revised the listings, which can be found at at the links below!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Zombi – Direct Inject

Great music, like great movies, can take you to another world. Instrumental synth-based duo Zombi work their transporting, soundtrack-oriented magic on the sublime, cinema-literate Direct Inject (Relapse Records).Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Municipal Waste – Ghoul – Necrot – Dead Heat Live at The Brooklyn Monarch

The Brainsqueeze Tour. Holy shit this is one of the best tour packages I’ve seen in a good number of years. Stacked from start to finish with veteran bands performing at a level I haven’t seen from them in some years. Dead Heat started things off, I was unaware of them beforehand but left me intrigued and wanting more, plus the crowd at the Brooklyn Monarch showed up early, excited, and ready to throw down for this mosh fest of an evening.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: The Convalescence – W.o.R. – Yes Devil Live at D.N.A. Lounge


One of my favorite things about living in the Bay Area is the sheer number and variety of metal shows on a weekly basis. There’s nothing else quite like it and one can always find something new to step outside their musical comfort zone. This week was no exception as I booked it across the bridge to DNA Lounge in San Francisco to hear The Convalescence, W.o.R, and Yes Devil.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Undead – Putrefactio


Spanish foursome Undead unleash a skilful, satisfying slice of death metal with the sick, slick, and sprightly Putrefactio (Redefining Darkness Records). It’s far from rotten.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Seven Doors – Feast of the Repulsive Dead


The blending of metal and horror is perhaps one of the greatest combinations in the universe. There is just something so satisfying about heavily distorted guitars and lyrics referencing seventies and eighties horror films that hits the perfect spot. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your favorite monster movie.

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INTERVIEW: Cory and Meg from Casket Robbery – “Rituals of Death” Track-By-Track Breakdown

Ghost Cult caught up with Cory and Meg from Caskey Robbery, to discuss their new album Rituals of Death – out now via Blood Blast Distribution. Having followed the band for a long time, we unpacked the last few years of being a DIY enterprise in death metal, the return of touring, energizing their fanbase with social media, creating sick videos, and finally a track-by-track breakdown of their new album.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Exhumed – Vitriol – Escuela Grind – Castrator Live at The Meadows Brooklyn

With a Sunday night show to cap Thanksgiving weekend, veteran death metallers Exhumed stomped into NYC in support of their latest album “To the Dead.” (Read our review here.)

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INTERVIEW: Matt Harvey of Exhumed – “To The Dead” Track-By-Track Breakdown

Ghost Cult caught up with our old pal Matt Harvey of Exhumed to discuss the new album from the band, “To The Dead” – out now from Relapse Records. In addition to catching up on his life and the band and Bay Area Death Metal, Matt treated us to a track-by-track breakdown of the new album. In addition, he discussed the many contributions from members of the band, current, and past who made an impact on the new album!

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