CONCERT REVIEW: Municipal Waste – Ghoul – Necrot – Dead Heat Live at The Brooklyn Monarch

The Brainsqueeze Tour. Holy shit this is one of the best tour packages I’ve seen in a good number of years. Stacked from start to finish with veteran bands performing at a level I haven’t seen from them in some years. Dead Heat started things off, I was unaware of them beforehand but left me intrigued and wanting more, plus the crowd at the Brooklyn Monarch showed up early, excited, and ready to throw down for this mosh fest of an evening.

The mighty Necrot was up next, you know that band that you always see people wearing their sweet merch but rarely tour the US, yeah no surprise the fans were ravenous for them.  Nothing flashy, just solid face-melting death metal. Looking forward to their upcoming release Lifeless Birth in April of this year via Tankcrimes.

Why do I always forget how good Ghoul is? I think it’s my own fault because I’ve only seen them at fests the last couple of times and that reduces the needed intimacy of their special stage performance, but damn they were great. Who doesn’t love to bang their head with a big old grin on your face covered in red sticky juice.

Que lame played out “laid waste” pun here, but in all seriousness, this was the best I’ve seen Municipal Waste in a decade. Absolutely brutal, filled with high infectious energy, and nailing all the classics. While the crowd didn’t have the boogie boards of old it didn’t diminish the crowd surfing and mayhem in any way, security had their hands full every moment of the set. Do not sleep on the aptly titled Brainsqueeze Tour, and get there early to catch all the bands cause none should be missed.


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