ALBUM REVIEW: Crosses – Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete


Chino Moreno has never been shy at exploring his mellower side away from Deftones, and over the years has dipped into the Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Trip-Hop genres providing us with some highly refined music by way of projects such as Team Sleep and Palms, his collaboration with three former members of Post-Metal kings Isis. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Gunship – Unicorn


What is it about our aching nostalgia for the eighties that finds us being drawn back to this magical decade? Perhaps video did not actually kill the radio star until the end of this era?

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ALBUM REVIEW: We Are Magonia – Triangle Unicode

Darkwave and synth have been seeing a push in popularity thanks to the hugely successful Netflix series, Stranger Things. The television show which is set in the eighties opening theme has acted as a gateway into synthwave with more and more people checking out the dark and ominous blend of electronic sound.

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ALBUM REVIEW: R.A.M.B.O. – Defy Extinction


As shitty as the political climate can be, the one silver lining you can rely on is that it’s going to inspire artists and musicians young and old to create some remarkable work. After a long slumber the boys in R.A.M.B.O. woke up to a world of alternative facts, conspiracy theories run amok, Boris Johnson and tales of “rigged” elections. All that kind of nonsense is the stuff that stimulates folks to create albums like Defy Extinction (Relapse Records).

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John Carpenter, Dead Kennedys, Boy Harsher, and Blue Öyster Cult, Featured on the “Halloween Ends” Soundtrack


The “final” movie in the Halloween film series has been released in theaters, and trust us, it rules! Our return to Haddonfield, Illinois and Michael Myers brough us this awesome movie by Blumhouse Studios, directed by David Gordon Green and produced by John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Green, and Danny McBride among others, the soundtrack has several bangers on it. In addition to the classic Halloween theme song and a score by Carpenter and his son Cody and Daniel Davies tracks include “Halloween” by Dead Kennedys, Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Öyster Cult, and “Burn It Down” by Boy Harsher.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Boston Manor – Datura


Not even a year on from their last EP, Boston Manor is back with their fourth full-length album, Datura (Sharptone Records). Over the past five years, the band has made a name for themselves by upping the ante with each release. Anticipation is high for Datura to see what the quintet can create next, with news of the band delving deeper into concept albums for the release, this is raised even further.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Heads For The Dead – The Great Conjuration


Horror and death metal is just as much comfort food for me as peanut butter and jelly is for others. It just goes so well together, that it’s impossible not to do the brutal combination. Heads For The Dead have crept back out from their catacombs to deliver their blood and a venom-soaked third full-length album, The Great Conjuration (Transcending Obscurity).Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Lord (Greg Anderson) – Forest Nocturne


Forest Nocturne (Southern Lord) is the debut full-length LP from The Lord, a solo project of the ever-prolific Greg Anderson, perhaps best known for his work with Sunn O))). The press release uses words like “pictorial” and “cinematic”, and mentions the influence of film composers such as John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Karl Sanders – Saurian Apocalypse


Best known as the brainchild behind Egyptian obsessives Nile, vocalist, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Karl Sanders returns to more atmospheric, ambient territories with his latest solo album Saurian Apocalypse (Napalm Records). For the third entry in his ongoing Saurian saga, Sanders tells the story of the fictional Dr. Eduardo Lucciani, one of a handful of survivors of a man-made apocalypse who slowly loses his mind after discovering the secrets of his reptilian masters. Continue reading