Six albums into their career, SUMAC stretch the limits of what Metal can be with The Healer (Thrill Jockey Records) — a four-song, 76-minute double album of fluid, evolving, at times seemingly freeform Jazz Metal that requires some patience, but impresses with its expressiveness and creativity.  Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Bossk – .4

When you think of British Post-Metal, Bossk are almost certainly one the first bands that spring to mind. A truly remarkable outfit that undoubtedly take influence from the likes of Isis, while they also often groove musically in the style of many of the great Stoner bands of the nineties. Named after an alien from Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, the Kent-based collective have been plugging away since 2005, when early EPs and a strong reputation as a live band saw them tour with the likes of Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Baroness and Devil Sold His Soul. While their studio output really came into its own with the release of their fine debut LP Audio Noir in 2016, before following this up with the equally as classy Migration in 2021.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Crosses – Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete 


Chino Moreno has never been shy at exploring his mellower side away from Deftones, and over the years has dipped into the Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Trip-Hop genres providing us with some highly refined music by way of projects such as Team Sleep and Palms, his collaboration with three former members of Post-Metal kings IsisContinue reading

Supergroup Palms (Deftones, ISIS, Red Sparrowes) Releases Their First New Music in Almost 10 Years

Palms just dropped two previously unreleased songs, their first new music since their self-titled debut album 10 years ago. You can stream and purchase “Opening Titles: and “End Credits” right now from Bandcamp. The post-Rock, post-Metal band is compromised of Chino Moreno of Deftones and Crosses, along with Aaron Harris, Jeff Caxide, and Bryant Clifford Meyer who were bandmates in the much-missed ISIS, as well as Red Sparrowes (Caxide and Meyer) and Zozobra. The band also has a brief message on their page with the hashtag #palms10, hopefully indicating further activity from the group this year. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pyrithe – Monuments to Impermanence

So, we have got to sit down and talk about how subgenre crazy the extreme metal world has become. It seems like with every week that goes by another fresh batch of new “subgenres” enter the metal lexicon. You see Deafheaven can’t be filed under Black Metal because they’re really a Post Existential Crisis Alternative Shoegaze Latte outfit. Ice Nine Kills’ early stuff was metalcore, but nowadays they’ve drifted over to Slasher Showtunes. I wish good luck to whoever has to classify whatever Pyrithe’s Monuments to Impermanence (Gilead Media).

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Watch ISIS Perform For The First Time Since 2010 At Tribute To Caleb Scofield

Post-metal legends ISIS reunited last night under the guise of “Celestial” at the Caleb Scofield tribute Concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. last night. It was the first time since 2010 when the band broke up after touring behind their album Wavering Radiant. They played an incredible set featuring songs from Celestial, and Oceanic. Also appearing last night were Caleb’s bands Cave In, Old Man Gloom, as well as Pelican and 27. The event was streamed live. Watch below. Isis’ set starts at 2:55:28. All proceed from the show will go to funds benefitting Scofield’s family. Scofield passed away earlier this year after a tragic auto accident. Continue reading