Me And That Man, Mantar, Befouled and More Added to Inferno Festival 2024

Norway’s Inferno Metal Fest have announced another batch of artists for their March 2024 lineup. Now joining the bill – which already features At The Gates, Candlemass, and many others – are Me and That Man, Mantar, Befouled, Zustand Null, and Visegard. Find out more about these new additions in the article below.

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Inferno Metal Festival 2024 Books At The Gates and More

At The Gates – 2022 – Credit: Rich Price Photography

Norwegian metal festival, Inferno, recently revealed the second raft of bands added to their 2024 lineup. Additionally, they have just announced At The Gates will be joining the fray. As in previous years, the bill, spread across several Oslo venues, comprises of classic acts and newcomers, largely from the realms of extreme metal.

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Borknagar, Sólstafir, Finntroll, Keep of Kalessin, Crypta and More are Booked for Inferno Festival 2024


Inferno Metal Festival is now revealing the first wave of bands for its 2024 edition, taking place from March 28-31, 2024 across several venues in Oslo (NO). So far, the iconic festival is revealing a mixture of classic bands as well as some vital and exciting new-comers! The current lineup is as follows:Continue reading

Eindhoven Metal Meeting Adds Overkill, Mentors, Among New Bands for 2023

Presented by District 19, Eindhoven Metal Meeting returns in December 2023 at the legendary venue Effenaar. The fest has added nine new bands: Wrang, Massive Assault, Cryptosis, Helleruin, Koldbrann, Mentors, Bodyfarm, Overkill, and Misþyrming. The bill now has 33 bands, but may add some more in time. Ticket, hotel, and travel info can be found at the link below.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Misthyrming – Kringa – Ritual Death – Nubivagant Live at Gebr De Nobel


Happy new year! Time for the first show of this very fresh and unsullied year, and what better show than the opening night of the new album tour for Misthyrming. Having almost silently dropped one of the best black metal albums of 2022, Með hamri, in December, Misthyrming are doing a small tour through Europe. They are joined by Kringa, whose 2022 album All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart! should also feature high on the black metal 2022 lists, Ritual Death and Nubivagant. As the candles are lit and the skulls put out on their little tables, we’re in for a good evening’s entertainment.

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Marghöfða dýrið (Carpe Noctum, Null and Misthyrming) Releases New

Icelandic Black Metal project Marghöfða dýrið, from Nađra (Carpe Noctum, Null and Misthyrming), has dropped a new single track EP, Djöfladýrkun undir jökli, on Bandcamp. The project may also feature other members of notable Icelandic metal bands. You can purchase and stream the track “Djöfladýrkun undir jökli” which translates to “Devilworship under the Glacier” now!

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Emperor, Mayhem And Enslaved Team Up for Exclusive Beyond The Gates Festival 2021 Appearance

Three of the most legendary names in Black Metal will unite for an unforgettable event at next summer’s Beyond The Gates Festival in Norway! Emperor, Mayhem and Enslaved will perform at Grieghallen MCMXCIV as part of the fest with full-album performances of their classic works; Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse, and Enslaved’s Vikingligr Veldi. All three monumental albums were recorded in the legendary Grieghallen Studios in Bergen. Tickets can be purchased at the link below and the full festival lineup, headlined by a reunited Mercyful Fate is here as well! Continue reading

Misþyrming is Streaming a Live Concert Right Now from Estonia

Icelandic Black Metallers Misþyrming are performing in Estonia tonght, rightcnow! The Estonia government, like many in the wold has declared a state of emergency. The band is performing and livestreaming in a mostly empty venue due to Coronavirus. Watch the video and support one of the most improtant underground bands in the work right now! Continue reading

GHOST CULT’S ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Steve Tovey: Top 20 of 2019

2019 seems an odd year for me to be writing a post about my albums of year, and to have so many albums I want to name-check or mention. See, early in the year I stepped down from my role within Ghost Cult – nothing the Cult did wrong, just a question of life and balance. Stepping back from direct exposure to every rock, metal or alternative release should have meant I had fewer albums to care about, but, actually, it’s afforded me more time with each of the albums that I have connected with.Continue reading

Wongraven Wine Tasting Event By Satyricon Frontman Returns To Inferno Festival

Once again, Satyricon frontman Satyr Wongraven’s Wongraven Wine Tasting event will return to this years’ Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, NO this March. As an extension of Satyr’ Wongraven Wines, he will lead a tasting and discussion exploring his passion and gift for winemaking. These events sell out yearly, so get your tickets now. Inferno Metal Festival is the longest running and most extreme metal festival in Norway and one of the most important metal festivals in the world. Continue reading