ALBUM REVIEW: Bloom — Maybe In Another Life

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, melodic metalcore band Bloom introduces their first album with Pure Noise Records, Maybe In Another Life. While there are undoubtedly some standout tracks on here, they are easy to overlook on first listen. Many of the songs flip flop between exactly the kind of quality melodic hardcore the scene is lacking in, and those sounding like filler tracks from a 2010s metalcore album. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Being As An Ocean – Death Can Wait

It is not every day you come across a band like Being As An Ocean. The Californian genre-benders have always been experts at executing public service announcements in the form of poetic melodic hardcore songs. There are not many artists out there who can consistently put out such lyrically blunt music that still feels more motivational than pessimistic. As their first album to follow the dumpster fire year of 2020, Death Can Wait (Out Of Line Records) is a true test of the band’s longevity in staying true to that defining quality.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: With Honor – Boundless


In an astoundingly potent year for hardcore that is seeing beautiful and passionate efforts from so many bands from Gel to Fiddlehead to the upcoming Filth Is Eternal release, the return of Connecticut hardcore band With Honor is still a cause to celebrate.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Restraining Order – Locked In Time


Ah, another month, another Hardcore record, and this time it’s the turn of West Springfield, Massachusetts crew Restraining Order.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Acres – Burning Throne


England-based post-hardcore quartet Acres have always flown under the scene’s radar since their first EP back in 2014, but that doesn’t stop their dedicated fanbase from eagerly awaiting each new release over the years. With almost four years since their debut album Lonely World, the band has returned with their sophomore LP Burning Throne (A Wolf At Your Door Records) to show what they’re still capable of.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Other Half – Soft Action


Hailing from Norwich, England, post-hardcore trio Other Half have put out their second album Soft Action (Big Scary Monsters), consolidating their presence in the modern punk scene. It is a record that keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout its fourteen-track run-through and brings solid production to an otherwise disorderly DIY kind of tone. Despite its title, the album is anything but soft.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Counterparts – A Eulogy For Those Still Here


When the title of an album tells a story all on its own (and it’s by a band known for upfront lyricism), you know you’re in for an emotionally moving ride. Melodic hardcore leaders Counterparts protect their respected name with their seventh record, A Eulogy For Those Still Here (Pure Noise Records). As the album title states, each song mourns the loss of someone or something that has yet to pass away or leave. Throughout the record, vocalist Brendan Murphy screams and sings of grief he knows he must prepare himself for.

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ALBUM REVIEW: In Hearts Wake – Kaliyuga Booster Pack

Eighteen months after the release of their fifth album, Australian metalcore merchants In Hearts Wake have nicked a trick from the Roadrunner Records playbook of the nineties with the Kaliyuga Booster Pack (UNFD) and are re-releasing their 2020 opus with a handful of goodies ahead of hitting the road in 2022.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps

Twenty-plus years into a career doing anything in the world might make you take your foot off the gas pedal, especially an industry as brutal as the music industry. However, Manitoba’s Comeback Kid continue to challenge themselves to keep refining their sound, and sharpening their focus over a series of releases. The bands’ new album Heavy Steps (Nuclear Blast/New Damage) shows the veteran band of the scene lifting up the rest of us up with defiant music set on highlighting what makes life worth fighting for. uniting us.

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