ALBUM REVIEW: Alcest – Les Chants de L’Aurore

Alcest began as a solo Black Metal project for French musician Neige at the turn of the millennium, and have since forged themselves a fine reputation as one of the pioneering bands of the Blackgaze sound. Continue reading

Ghost Cult Album Of The Year 2015 – Countdown: 30 – 21


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Part three of the Ghost Cult Magazine countdown to our Album of 2015. 

And now the end is near, and so we face 2015’s final curtain, and once more the Ghost Cult army got together to vote for their favourites. The results? Over 20 writers pitched and voted on over 220 albums ranging from indie pop to the most horrific savage tentacle laden death metal showing the depth, breadth and class of the official Ghost Cult Album of the Year for 2015.

The countdown (to extinction) continues…


Tribulation30. Tribulation – ‘The Children Of The Night’ (Century Media)

The Children of the Night, save for snarled vocals and horror themed lyrics, is a classic heavy metal record, far more interested in melody and catchy songs than aggression and violence; a brave record from an exceedingly talented set of musicians who are just that more subtle when it comes to what style of darkness works best.”

Review by James Conway here


Windhand29. Windhand – ‘Grief’s Infernal Flower’ (Relapse)

“…something has happened here; an unsettling event or rite of passage, propelling this captivating outfit to the stars without drastically changing their identity. In doing so it has enabled the band to create its most sombre, hypnotic, emotive and supreme piece of work.”

Review by Paul Quinn here


sw28. Steven Wilson – ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase’ (KScope)

“Where The Raven… was mysterious and downright grave emotionally, the new album is poignant and uplifting almost all the way through. Even in somber moments, the songs have an underlying feeling of hopefulness that defies the melancholy. Wilson is a master delivering the unbridled beast of a song in a beautiful package.”

Review by Keith Chachkes here


maruta27. Maruta – ‘Remain Dystopian’ (Relapse)

“Seething with a fulminating ire, yet showing unexpected versatility; if you’re pissed off with parents and / or bullies, but don’t want an ignominious revenge to stick you on the front pages, exercise your frustration with these guys instead.”

Review by Paul Quinn here


drudkh26. Drudkh – ‘A Furrow Cut Short’ (Season of Mist)

“Like all great Drudkh releases, this is an album that reveals more with every listen, a rousing yell of defiance backed by a passionate beating heart. Tenth full-length release A Furrow Cut Short is one of their finest efforts to date.”

Review by James Conway here


hoac25. Heart of a Coward – ‘Deliverance’ (Century Media)

“Writing this review is a bit like trying to make conversation with a devastatingly attractive woman – all I could initially think of to write about each song was “Fucking Brilliant”. In summary, Deliverance is a stunning piece of work that can only be criticised for coming to an end. More of this please lads.”

Review by Philip Page here


nile24. Nile – ‘What Should Not Be Unearthed’ (Nuclear Blast)

“Death jams like ‘In the Name of Amun’ and ‘Age of Famine’ give way to breadth and dizzying tempo changes, the kind of searing death metal that recalls prime Morbid AngelIf the prog fans and metal elitists can get past the death grunts and learn to love the blast beat they may just find a band fawn over other than Dream Theater.”

Review by Hansel Lopez here


deafheaven23. Deafheaven – ‘New Bermuda’ (Anti Records)

“A sprawling mini-opus, one that tells us much of where this band can really go musically  in the future. While not as groundbreaking or original as Sunbather, which any band would be challenged to follow, New Bermuda hits you in all the right G-spots musically and emotionally for one of 2015’s undoubtedly finest releases.”

Review by Keith Chachkes here


mgla22. mgla – ‘Exercises In Futility’ (Northern Heritage)

“Despite the overwhelming misanthropy that is conveyed, the seamless flow and rousing melodies are emotive and enriching. It’s an album crafted with passion and dedication, which is overtly evident in their music. Mgła have honed a pioneering sound that is now getting the recognition it so very much deserves.”

Review by Heather Blewett here


highonfire21. High On Fire – ‘Luminiferous’ (eOne)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month – June “The boys have put out one monster of a record. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, get yourself a gallon of Pike Juice instead and keep an eye out for an upcoming tour date near you.”

Review by Aleida la Llave here

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