Sal Abruscato Accuses Type O Negative and Life of Agony of Royalty Theft and Trying to Erase His Contributions to Classic Albums


In a tirade shared to social media, deleted, and reuploaded, Sal Abruscato, the former drummer of Type O Negative and Life of Agony, has made wide ranging accusations targeting his former bandmates, the music industry, and specific individuals he believes have wronged him. Abruscato shares his many issues with his former bandmates and people in the music industry. current state of mind and his grievances with the industry. He was triggered by the press release that went out earlier this week commemorating the 30th anniversary of Type O Negative’s third album, Bloody Kisses, along with a Graphic Novel from, Z2 Comics in which Sal does not appear, but his replacement Johnny Kelly is depicted. Johnny did not join the band fully as the drummer until after their fourth album, October Rust was released. The main artist of the Bloody Kisses graphic novel is Alan Robert of Life of Agony, who Sal also disparaged. He also said band founder Peter Steele would be rolling over in his grave at the “gash grab” antics of the current owners of the brand and that it is a disservice to the fans to reissue the music. Sal played on the first three releases of Type O Negative and claimed to co-found that band. He also played on River Runs Red from Life of Agony, and was involved in several reunion lineups of that band. Abruscato hinted at possible legal action against his former bandmates and others in the industry at the end of the video. Watch the clip and read the transcription via Lambgoat. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Supergroup DieHumane (ex-Exodus, ex-Type O Negative, ex-Anovaskyway) on “The Grotesque” and More


Ghost Cult Keefy chatted with Rick, Greg, Garret, and Josh of @diehumaneofficial ! The new Cinematic Gothic Rock supergroup includes former members of @ExodusAttack , @typeonegative , @AnovaSkyway , and more! They just released their debut album “The Grotesque” via Ulrich Wild’s @WURMgroup label. We chatted with the guys about how the band was formed, blending the multiple influences of the members, creating a visual style for the band, plans for touring, and much more!

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PODCAST: EPISODE 27 – Sal from A Pale Horse Named Death Talks Life, Death, and Doom

Ghost Cult’s DJ Astrocreep recently caught up with Sal Abruscato of A Pale Horse Named Death while on tour in the UK. APHND’s new album When The World Becomes Undone was released via Long Branch Records/SPV this past January. Sal was in a reflective mood and chatted about a wide range of topics such as the new album, his writing habits, changes in his personal life, touring, how bands make money (or not) in 2019, highlights from his entire career and more! Pick up the bands’ album, catch them on tour soon, or later in the year when they are back in Europe for Damnation Festival. Check it out!Continue reading

A Pale Horse Named Death – Transport League Live at Birmingham O2 Academy 3

First on the bill are local act Eradikator, a band I’ve caught on a couple of previous occasions at other events. They play an attractive style of Thrash, though there are maybe twenty or so in for the start of their set, with that number growing steadily through their set to around triple that by the end. It’s certainly likeable and ably played with those in – even though most hid at the back – seeming to enjoy the thrashy grooves laid out. The 30-minute set goes without a hitch and provides a good, fast start to the evening. Continue reading

A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone

When The World Becomes Undone (Long Branch Records) is the type of album that at the initial scan I really wanted to love. I’ve discussed my fondness of all things early to mid-nineties Roadrunner Records ad nauseum on other reviews so I’ll spare you the love letter here, but with so much connection between A Pale Horse Named Death and Type O Negative you can likely understand where I’m coming from.Continue reading

Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses Turns 25 Years Old

The early 1990s of metal were a veritable free for all. In the years preceding the Nu-Metal age, there was definitely a push back if you were trying to be unique and blending genres of metal in any way. If you were anything beyond a typical thrash or hardcore band, with a few exceptions (some death metal, Faith No More) you might have been shunned. In the case of Type O Negative, they didn’t just innovate and try new things, they kicked the goddamn door in and blew us all away. They never did this more than on 1993’s Bloody Kisses (Roadrunner) album. Mostly eschewing the straight up thrash hardcore of frontman Peter Steele’s previous band, Carnivore, Type O was a swampy, sexy mix of Black Sabbath doom riffs, Beatles melodies and The Cure meets Sisters of Mercy Goth rock. The sound would shift the landscape and make unlikely stars of arguably the greatest band to ever emerge from Brooklyn. Continue reading

Sal Abruscato May Be Leaving Life of Agony, A Pale Horse Named Death Working Towards 2018 Release

Life of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato has posted to Facebook indicating that he is leaning towards leaving the band. Abruscato is shopping for a deal for his other band, A Pale Horse Named Death, and recently welcomed the birth of his daughter last month, which may be contributing factors. Continue reading

Invidia – As The Sun Sleeps

Invidia (the brainchild of In This Moment’s Travis Johnson and former Skinlab guitarist Brian Jackson) aims to be the sonic version of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky, and makes no bones about it. The track ‘Step Up’ from their début As the Sun Sleeps (Steamhammer/Oblivion/SPV) spells this out quite literally, even lifting a line from the film that encompasses everything the band stands for: “It’s not about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”Continue reading

Life Of Agony Teases Artwork And Release Date Of New Album

One of the most anticipated albums of 2017, Life Of Agony’s first album in 12 years is titled A Place Where There’s No More Pain and released on via Napalm Records. The band made a surprise tease on their website last night announcing a few more details: Continue reading

Watch Life Of Agony’s New Album Teaser, New European Tour Soon

Life Of Agony, by Jessica Lotti Photography

Life Of Agony, by Jessica Lotti Photography

Beloved 90s metallers Life Of Agony have debuted their new album teaser. Their new album A Place Where There’s No More Pain, is due next spring from Napalm Records. You can see the teaser and hear part of a new song below: Continue reading