ALBUM REVIEW: Primordial – How It Ends


Ask anyone to name their all time favourite Irish metal bands and Primordial will likely sit near the top, if not at the very summit of the list. Formed three decades ago but with roots that date back further to when they were known as Forsaken, the Dublin based act have only ever made the barest minimum of changes to their line-up over the years, their most recent move seeing them return to operating with four members after nearly twenty years as a five-piece.

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Damnation Festival 2019: Live at Leeds University

When Axl Rose waxed romantically about cold November rain in back in 1992, he clearly wasn’t singing about Leeds on a Saturday morning. A cold, depressing day darkened by oppressive black clouds showering their misery relentlessly from above, there is nothing romantic about Leeds city centre. However, above the sound of rain pelting against umbrella canopies, and cars splashing through ankle-high lakes of dirty water, there is hope. Somewhere out there is Damnation Festival.Continue reading

Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins

Over the course of an approximate thirty-year existence, Ireland’s Primordial have continually proven themselves to be a truly special entity in the world of metal. Very few artists evoke such powerful imagery; whether it being of mythology or the world closer to home, nor capture such vivid emotional range from desolation to the more uplifting whilst all the while feeling truly genuine. Their sound ranges from Black, Doom and more traditional Metal in a way that is truly their own and has seen them at the peak of their powers on the recent album run of Redemption At The Puritans Hand and Where Greater Men Have Fallen. Continue reading