ALBUM REVIEW: Lil Lotus – Nosebleeder

These days, an album with fourteen tracks has become more of an anomaly than the status quo (barring Grindcore, of course, the universal exception to basically every rule ever).

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: ft. Magnolia Park – Atreyu – In This Moment – Hollow Front



Magnolia Park – Halloween Mixtape II (Epitaph Records)

Less is more, right? It’s a mantra I’ve often referred to in reviews, even if Yngwie would never agree. Nor, so it seems, would Magnolia Park. Seventeen tracks, nine collabs, six hundred and sixty six musical deviations taking in emo, pop-punk, nu-metal, hip-hop, cartoon horror pop and more is testament to the fact that the quintet may be on to something with their embracing of musical diversity.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Parkway Drive – Darker Still


It’s the age-old debate that has probably led to more physical altercations than any other: should [insert band name] continue churning out similar-sounding material, or are they better off taking risks and testing the waters? Oftentimes, at least in personal encounters, the consensus seems to be: that if a band changes anything about their sound, it’s to their detriment and immediately alienates a specific pocket of fans.Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: The Interrupters – In The Wild

It’s easy to forget how courageous and inspiring it is to lay all your cards on the table, especially as an artist in the public eye. To the layperson, it might feel uncomfortable if a few friends or family members find something out about them that’s personal or revealingContinue reading

Relapse Records Releases 15th Anniversary Reissue of Necrophagist’s “Epitaph”


Relapse Records has released a fifteenth anniversary of the technical Death Metal legends Necrophagist’s album Epitaph. The band toured the world, played festivals and tour the US on The Summer Slaughter tour. Sadly, this was the bands’ final record as of now and the group has achieved mythical status in the underground. You can order new bundles from Relapse at the link below. Continue reading

Millencolin – SOS

Millencolin’s SOS (Epitaph) has a lot going for it which is only natural as it’s the ninth full-length from a band with 27 years of experience under its belt. You also must factor in that it’s got the right amount of songs, running time and a clean and crisp mix. So far everything is coming up Milhouse, but I have a gripe.Continue reading

Architects Share New Singles For Spotify Including New Deftones Cover

On the strength of Architects recent killer of an album Holy Hell (Epitaph Records), the band have been promoting the hell out of the album and their upcoming world tour. The band checked into legendary Abbey Road Studios to record two exclusive singles for Spotify. One is new take on their Holy Hell track ‘Death Is Not Defeat’, and the other is a smashing cover of Deftones’ classic ‘Change (In The House of Flies)’. These cuts are a real change of pace for the band, complete with incredible string arrangements. A video of the record appears to in the works as well, based on a post to Twitter. Catch the band on their current tour with Beartooth and Polaris. Hails! Continue reading

Architects Book North American Tour

On the strength of their recent album Holy Hell, Architects (Epitaph Records) has booked their debut North American tour. In addition to headline dates, they will play Sonic Temple, Epicenter, and Welcome To Rockville. Support will come from Thy Art is Murder and While She Sleeps! Tickets are available this Friday, Jan 18 at 10 am local time. Continue reading

Architects – Holy Hell

It’s that gap between hope and expectation that we often fall through. Let’s be honest, your hope levels for Architects’ new album Holy Hell (Epitaph) might be stratospheric, but your expectations…? Given what this band has been through in terms of loss, sorrow and anguish, you could easily have fallen into that space of hoping for the best but guarding your expectations. It might be enough just that they simply deliver us something, anything, yes?Continue reading