ALBUM REVIEW: Junior Bruce – Pray For Death – Sludgelord Records

This year has been as chaotic as anyone has ever seen. And for chaotic times we need good, solid, tight riffs, and Junior Bruce provides them on their album Pray For Death (Sludgelord Records). The Florida quintet brings an album with absolute bangers for fans of Stoner/Sludge Metal. Having a clash of different styles, Pray for Death is an album that reflects the collective anger society has against whatever anyone they choose to be mad about, still combining a certain melancholy that grows some of the most interesting aspects of Junior Bruce. 

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EXCLUSIVE EP STREAM: Bible Basher – “Loud Wailing”

As if spawned from Hell itself, really Sheffield UK,  Bible Basher is a take no prisoners,  underground supergroup of Death/Doom Metal bands featuring members from vaunted names such as Temple of Coke, Kurokuma, Archelon, and Spaztik Munkey. Their debut EP drops this week, June 26th, via Sludgelord Records. Each of the four tracks each track featuring a different vocalist, adding to the excitement of the release. Tape pre-orders already all sold out in just three days, and a limited second pressing is avaialble so act fast. Stream Loud Wailing now, here at Ghost Cult!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Woorms – Twitching, As Prey

‘Twas a mere fifteen months ago that Baton Rouge, Louisiana trio Woorms released debut album Slake (Sludgelord Records), its grooves twisted into nasty bites of hostile Sludge Metal. Follow-up Twitching, As Prey (Sludgelord Records), stays hot on the heels of that initial full-length, both chronologically and in temperament, but shows a maturity and an inventiveness far beyond its predecessor.Continue reading


UK Sludge/Doom band Opium Lord is dropping their brand new album tomorrow, October 11th, via the mighty Sludgelord Records. The album is great, with magnificent riffs and a guest appeance by the legend himself, Mike Scheidt of YOB! Check out the full album stream, only at Ghost Cult!Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Waingro – “Merrin”

Ghost Cult is proud to partner up with Sludgelord Records for this exclusive stream of the brand new Waingro single – ‘Merrin’. The track comes from the Vancouver-based Stoner Rock power trio’s new album, III, out next week. The track is short, to the point and heavy as hell! You can purchase and stream the track, and pre-order it today. Jam it out right now! Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: This Sun No More – “Atila”

Ghost cult is proud to partner up with up and coming  Sludgelord Records artist This Sun No More today for their debut of their new single ‘Atila’. The UK post-Rock band has been lurking in the shadows for years honing their songcraft and have come out guns a blazing with their compelling debut album for Sludgelord. Their sound will remind you of the top tier names in the genre you know and love, but they also have a flair that makes them unique. Recorded and mixed by Anthony Weaver, at Tower Studios and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. In Circles releases on June 7th and you can pre-order it at the link below. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Stone Machine Electric – “Sand”

Ghost Cult is stoked to bring you the video premiere of the new track from Doom Metal soothsayers Stone Electric Machine. The track ‘Sand’ comes from their forthcoming new album Darkness Dimensions Disillusion, due out on April 26 through Sludgelord Records. Self-described as “Doom Jazz” the Texas two-piece create tracks with less typical song structures in favor of crafting harrowing epic musical journeys that burrow gargantuan riffs and chilling verses into your brain. Watch the mind-bending clip for ‘Sand’ right now! Continue reading

Tides Of Sulfur – Paralysis Of Reason

Despite having released a host of material since its 2012 inception, Glamorgan trio Tides Of Sulfur has issued just one album, the coruscating Extinction Curse (Self-Released) in 2016. New EP Paralysis Of Reason (Sludgelord Records / APF Records / Astral Noize) is the first thing to come from the band since that album, and in that time the ripping hostility has become even more twisted.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: The Glorious Rebellion – “This Is Fine”

Florida Noise metallers The Glorious Rebellion are dropping a new EP next month, and it is pure fire. A step up and over their previous material, the band will find fans in music ranging from KEN Mode, early Prong, Helmet, Melvins, Converge, Jucifer, Misery, Unsane and more. Scholars of War releases from Sludgelord Records on March 29th and you can pre-order it now, Ghost Cult is stoked to bring you their new single, “This is Fine” today! Continue reading

WOORMS – Slake

I always found it interesting how so many Sludge Metal bands can have the same foundation for a sound but then branch out to sound completely unique from each other. WOORMS has done just that with their latest release, Slake (Hospital/Sludgelord). A ten-track journey a bit over 30 minutes felt just like the right amount of material to quench my Sludge thirst but not be overkill. Meanwhile the emotions on the album span pretty wide between depressing and almost psychedelic sound sample intros to aggressive guitar riffs and song lyrics. Both of which made this album stand out early on in 2019.Continue reading