ALBUM REVIEW: Earthside – Let The Truth Speak

Over the past decade the genre known as “djent” strayed further from paying tribute to Meshuggah into a more slickly produced vein of pop music that just happens to have distorted guitars. Continue reading



Following the bizarre and twisted brand of úber-pop and nu-metal mariah that Moriah Pereira (Poppy) tapped into for 2020’s I Disagree has been strained even further now we come to Zig (Sumerian). Her Flux album was the pop-punk bridge making her fifth album the next logical maturation point.  

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sleep Token – Sundowning

The advent of Sundowning (Spinefarm Records), the debut album from London-based shoegazer Sleep Token, goes back over a year: so its release, ahead of a major US tour, has seen a level of furore largely unknown in Metal circles. Hiding identity under a cloak a la Ghost, there’s an added mystique here from an embracing of spiritual and somnolent values (the album’s title is the term given to the daily crash of dementia, for example), while melody is to the fore of the core sound.Continue reading