CONCERT REVIEW: Kansas – 50 Years Of Kansas Live at The Keswick Theater

Kansas has been touring in support of their 50th year as a band and the release of a retrospective compilation Another Fork In The Road – 50 Years Of Kansas (InsideOut Music). The album contains songs from every album the band has released and after 50 years it takes three full CDs to accomplish that. It should be noted that CDs did not exist when the band started playing music. They also predate the Sony Walkman, the internet, Apple Corporation, MTV, and the MP3. Kansas’ music has a sound that includes hints of Bad Company, The Tubes, Foreigner, and even Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. The question is who influenced who?

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Robby Steinhardt, Violinist and Co-Founder of Kansas Has Died, Age 71

Robby Steinhardt, who helped create the iconic sound of Progressivle Rock greats Kansas has died. He was 71. He passed away on Saturday, July 17th, 2021 of complications from acute pancreatitis. A classically trained violinist, Kansas native song who named the band and sang harmony vocals on all of the bands’ biggest songs, including “Carry on Wayward Son,” “Dust in the Wind” and “Point of Know Return.” Steinhardt relocated to the bay area in the early 1980s and with guitarist Rick Moon formed the band Steinhardt-Moon, which morphed into Stormbringer. Over the years he re-joined the other founding members of Kansas for reunion tours and albums. Robby’s family shared a message with the news of his passing.

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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: June 26th New Music Releases

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Magic Circle – Departed Souls

While bands such as Pallbearer and Khemmis have been roundly lauded as the prime exponents of modern Progressive Doom, Boston’s Magic Circle has received less attention but is no less of a creative talent. The third album Departed Souls takes up where predecessor Blind Journey (both 20 Buck Spin) left off but sees positively lumimous advances from a whole host of instruments.Continue reading

The Room – Caught By The Machine

Sometimes modern bands can forget the lineage of Progressive Rock – if we go back in time to the seventies and early eighties, it was an experimental style of music that often incorporated twinges of Psychedelia, Pop and Rock whilst still allowing for extensive sonic exploration with elements of Blues, Folk, and Jazz along with constructs such as longer song formats.Continue reading

Loudwire Awards- Live At The Novo

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Anthrax Performs Their Cover Of Carry On My Wayward Son By Kansas Live

“The Killthrax Tour” will be wrapping up next week in Boston, and what a run it’s been. Anthrax and Killswitch Engage have put on incredible shows each and every night, while adding in some memorable moments in different cities. Continue reading

Keep Riding The Horse: Richard Williams Of Kansas



In Part 2 of our chat with Richard Williams of Kansas, we discussed the new make up of the band, and how it made the difference their new album The Prelude Implicit. We also discussed their relationship with their label, touring, and when and if the band plans to retire at some point.Continue reading

No Limits- Rich Williams Of Kansas



Kansas is one of the greatest bands of all-time, and certainly the best progressive rock band to ever come out of America. The band is best known for their slew of radio friendly cuts from the 70s, but always had strong rock albums musically, and were top-tier musicians, especially live. They are back this month with their first new album in over a decade and half, The Prelude Implicit, from InsideOut Music. Longtime guitarist, and band leader Rich Williams chatted with Keith Chachkes of Ghost Cult to discuss changes in the group, their bright new future.Continue reading