Sumo Cyco – Opus Mar

One of Canada’s best-kept secrets will be exploding into the music world once again as Hamilton, Ontario’s own Sumo Cyco drop their second full length album since establishing in 2011. Opus Mar (Self-Released/Pledge) was produced by their very own lead guitarist Matt ‘Md13’ Drake and renowned producer James ‘Lerock’ Loughrey, known for his work with Skindred and Joss Stone.Continue reading

Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine


Leeds’ alt.Rockers Hawk Eyes have successfully married US Discord Records style with off-beat prog melodies to good effect. Everything Is Fine (Pledge/Red Vole) is the sound of the band putting their best foot forward and maturing into a more versatile outfit striving to rise to the top of the Brit-rock pack.

The former Chickenhawk have mastered the blend of pop melodies without sacrificing the deliciously punchy nature of their songs. The driving melodies of nineties post-hardcore are injected with a shot of sludge and mathrock passion to great effect. Angular riffs underpin soaring harmonies which give the likes of ‘The Ambassador’ an urgency reminiscent of At The Drive-In.

The exhilarating rush of ‘Die Trying’ with its soaring chorus is another highlight, a deceptively addictive earworm which embeds itself in your cerebral cortex with its catchy lyrics full of righteous determination. The air of confidence the band has gained is never more evident that on the bruising ‘I Never Lose’, which rides an urgent riff and another great chorus.

In the four years since their Ideas (Vinyl Junkie) opus, Hawk Eyes dogged approach to touring has clearly benefited them, honing their craft through touring with rock journeymen such as Therapy?. Their duel vocals are used to great effect and while the maverick spirit of acts like The Melvins hovers over this it never threatens to extinguish the rabid pop nous of tracks like ‘The Ballad Of Michael McGlue’ which flies high on a rousing call and response chorus which declares “I don’t think God is gonna change his mind”.

Gleefully delivering agitated alt rock wrapped in easily swallowed bubblegum melodies Everything Is Fine is a stirring collection which warrants several visits, and the songs flow superbly from one riotous track to the next making this an intoxicating adrenaline rush which you will want to experience frequently.

“Happiness is a risky business” they spit on ‘Terribly Quelled’; it may be one they have to get used to if they continue to progress in such promising fashion.


Hawk Eyes on Facebook


The Official Ghost Cult Writers Albums of the Year Top 50: 30-21

The countdown to the Official Ghost Cult Magazine Album of the Year for 2014 continues. Please consume and enjoy the results of our 2014 Writers’ Poll. We hope it will introduce you to some of the incredible works of art you may have missed that we have had the immense pleasure of listening to and writing about this year.

In our third installment we bring you albums 30 through to 21

Casualties_of_Cool-400x40030. CASUALTIES OF COOL – Casualties Of Cool (Pledge/HevyDevy)

“Casualties of Cool is an intriguing experiment from a man who excels in making left-field music. Go in expecting massive a prog-metal exercise will only lead to disappointment, but having an open mind will result in a rewarding experience” DAN SWINHOE 8/10 Full review here



29. ANATHEMA – Distant Satellites (KScope)

“One of our world’s most understated bands, despite the plaudits they get, Anathema have once again showcased their knack for penning both forward thinking and emotionally driven music which oozes real human character and sentimentality”. CHRIS TIPPELL 9/10 Full review here

Down-IV-part-2-album-cover-400x40028. DOWN – IV (Part II) (Down Records)

“When we look back on this part of their career, we will likely understand that these are less like regular EPs that other bands release, and much more like a mini-opus, in pieces. Down clearly realizes their collective vision, no matter who is in the lineup, every time”. KEITH ‘KEEFY’ CHACHKES 9.5/10 Full review here


Vallenfyre-Splinters-400x40027. VALLENFYRE – Splinters (Century Media)

“Sadistic and aggressive with endless moments of bleak reflection Splinters is a leviathan unleashed upon unsuspecting listeners and a release surely destined to grace many year end lists” ROSS BAKER 9/10 Full review here


agalloch-album-cover-400x40026. AGALLOCH – “The Serpent and the Sphere” (Profound Lore)

Like a massive-antlered stag glimpsed amidst a wintry landscape, breathtaking, elusive and hard to pin down, The Serpent and the Sphere looks set to continue their elegant and ever-evolving legacy JAMES CONWAY 9/10 Full review here



25. THOU – Heathen (Gilead Media)

“A storm manifest as a piece of music, as devastating as it is awe-inspiring, Heathen is varied and compelling for the entire runtime”. TOM SAUNDERS 9/10 Full review here

Cover_1500X1500_RGB-16bit-400x40024. septicflesh – Titan (Season of Mist)

“Sharp, buzzing riffs and symphonic keys, strength and brutality amongst moments of pomp and beauty, bloody entertaining and another show of form” PAUL QUINN 8.5/10 Full review here



23. PYRRHON – The Mother of Virtues (Relapse)

The Mother Of Virtues doesn’t just challenge what is “extreme”, but calls into question whether some of what is produced is actually even music. Completely and utterly impenetrable, and exceptional with it”. STEVE TOVEY 9.5/10 Full review here

Eyehategod-album-cover-400x40022. EYEHATEGOD – EyeHateGod (Housecore/Century Media)

“Eyehategod continue to age like a good whiskey, seeming to improve as time goes by, but by no means losing their sting”. CHRIS TIPPELL 9/10 Full review here



21. ALCEST – Shelter (Prophecy)

“Shedding the last vestiges of metal, let-alone any lingering black metal leanings, a captivating and stunning piece of music poured straight from the heart”. JAMES CONWAY 9/10 Full review here

Ghost Cult Magazine Albums of the Year: 50-41

Ghost Cult Magazine Albums of the Year: 40-31

Ginger Wildheart announces 50th birthday bash, new fan club & Courtney Love duet

Having spent part of 2014 as a member of Hole frontwoman Courtney Love‘s touring band, the very prolific Ginger Wildheart has confirmed details of his 50th birthday shindig, to take place at London, Kentish Town HMV Forum on 17th December 2014. The venue was the scene of The Wildhearts first London headline show as an album band twenty years ago, the very same gig where Ginger wore a white tuxedo in honour of his mother’s birthday, and the video for ‘Suckerpunch’ was filmed – obviously a venue close to the Geordie in Wonderland’s heart!


One of the most successful crowd-funded artists of all time, Ginger will be playing hits from his many projects, including the Wildhearts, his solo albums and Silver Ginger 5 and will be joined by many (as yet unannounced) guest appearances.

In addition, Ginger has also announced that on 2nd February 2015, he will be releasing a brand new song, co-written with Miss Love, ‘Honoured‘, a live version of which is has been released on Youtube, and can be viewed below:

And, as if that isn’t enough, Ginger has a new online fanclub, and the single is currently available through Ginger’s new multimedia fan site GASS (Ginger • Associated • Secret • Society) and was released on itunes on the 1st December 2014. GASS is a multi-tier fan club for Ginger Wildheart fans. By signing up you gain access to exclusive content including a year’s supply of new Ginger songs (36 in all!), and much more!

You can visit for more details.

Your man is certainly giving Devin Townsend a run for his money in the busy stakes!


Ginger Wildheart on Facebook


Steve Tovey