Strigoi Share “Bathed in A Black Sun” Single and Video – New EP Coming Soon

With new EP, Bathed in A Black Sun, due for release on November 03rd, via Season of Mist records, Strigoi have just dropped the title track as a single and video. This is the first music to be heard off the next record from Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre) and co. Head into the article below to catch the video and find out more.

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Sharing their name with the 1999 album by their “main band” gothic metal veterans Paradise Lost, Host is a goth rock project of vocalist Nick Holmes and guitarist Greg Mackintosh that allows the duo to delve deeply into their shared love of dark, eighties new wave sounds. All through the duo’s debut album IX (Nuclear Blast) — listeners will hear just as many (if not more) allusions to dark synth bands of the time like Depeche Mode, as they will to the group that Holmes and Mackintosh made their names with. The result is a very well-made and fairly consistent album that isn’t breaking any boundaries. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Paradise Lost – Obsidian

Many consider the British band, Paradise Lost to be the fathers of the Gothic Metal genre. Formed in 1988, four out of the five members have been there since the beginning. This tight-knit group of guys is a prime example of a hard-working band who knows how to stay creative and original. The exploration and determination of this act has led them down some unique roads over the years. After experimenting on albums like One Second (Music for Nations)  and Believe In Nothing (EMI), Paradise Lost got back to their roots in 2015. They embraced their Death Metal background with the release of The Plague Within (Century Media Records) and 2017’s Medusa (Nuclear Blast). Now with the release of their sixteenth record,  Obsidian (Nuclear Blast), their heaviness is being fleshed out with even more distinct devastation.  Continue reading

Vallenfyre Releases Kill All Your Masters Video

Crusty death/doom outfit Vallenfyre recently confirmed that they will be releasing their new album, Fear Those Who Fear Him, on June 2nd via Century Media. Continue reading

Paradise Lost go back to their roots on new album

Ester Segarra

That’s right… legendary British metallers Paradise Lost who, along with Anathema and My Dying Bride were known as the “Peaceville 3” who effectively launched the entire Gothic Metal sub-genre, will be returning to their deathly hallows on new album The Plague Within on Century Media.

The bands’ fourteenth studio album was produced by sound maestro Jaimie Gomez Arellano (GhostUlverCathedral) at Orgone Studios in London has a planned release date of 1st June (UK & Europe) and 2nd June (US/Rest of World).

Nick Holmes comments: “We wanted to approach the new album differently this time by embracing the band’s VERY early days. We have written a very dark, yet melodic album, but this time many songs definitely have a death metal edge, which is something we haven’t done for a long long time in Paradise Lost.

In a move that follows Gregor Mackintosh rediscovering the vile in his side-project Vallenfyre and Nick Holmes seizing the Bloodbath cowl and mic stand, the band have been progressively returning to their traditional sound following their late 90’s/early 00’s dalliance with electronic music and minimal guitars, with 2012’s Tragic Idol reclaiming the hearts and minds of many of their old fans, while introducing the band to a newer audience.

A Trip Down Memory Lane – An Interview With Paradise Lost

Ester SegarraThis year signifies the 25th anniversary for doom/death metal outfit Paradise Lost. Ghost Cult caught up with frontman and singer Nick Holmes to probe his mind about PL’s past, present and future, his working relation with guitarist Greg Mackintosh and the band’s peculiar preference for left centre cover songs.Continue reading