CONCERT REVIEW: Pigsx7 – Dälek – Taraneh Live at Elsewhere

Elsewhere 11.3.23, Brooklyn NY

This was a great eclectic night and while I am well versed and have seen both Dälek and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs a handful of times the local opener Taraneh I was unfamiliar with and pleasantly surprised by. Their visual appearance didn’t necessarily fit the mellow shoegaze vibe that they were throwing down, but that’s just a learning curve for a band and nothing to fault them for. All in all I dug it. It was mellow and flowy and a nice different way to start the show.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Melvins – Vodka Juniors – Pigsx7 Live at Technopolis


Melvins bring the punks out and into the heat in Athens!

It was July 3rd and the weather has started getting really hot in Athens, Greece around this time but it hasn’t stopped Punks, Goths, and Metalheads of all varieties from coming out of their cooler homes at 7 PM for doors. They immediately packed the industrial venue of Technopolis to catch Pigs at 7:30, and of course to have a good spot for Melvins.

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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: April 3rd New Music Releases


Purchase And Stream All The New Music Released Today!

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Deserfest 2017 Part II: Live At Various Venues, London

Day 3

With the queue for Sunday’s opening act Wizard Fight snaking out the door of the Black Heart, there’s a little wait to see Wales’ HARK. Although different from Jim Isaac’s previous outfit Taint, the two share a lot of common DNA; Aggressive, angular riffs with plenty of groove, time changes galore, and plenty of chances to bang your head. There’s a big, receptive crowd for so early in the afternoon, and the band respond with a loud and energetic performance.Continue reading

Deserfest London 2017 Part I: : Live At Various Venues

Has the doom and stoner scene ever been in ruder health? Possibly not, judging from the quality of acts on show at the sixth edition of the London Desertfest. The three-day festival, held across a number of venues across Camden Town has riff-mongers of all shapes, sizes, and styles doing their best to shake the capital apart.Continue reading