ALBUM REVIEW: Obituary – Dying of Everything


I believe Nergal of Behemoth fame had a recent interview lamenting how modern metal acts run the risk of overproducing their albums and not coming across as organic. (Editor’s note: this is not new for him to say.) And the metal fanbase fought amongst itself online as it usually does, but I think the man may have a point. Lots of Death Metal records have come across my desk recently that aren’t as grimy as they should be. One act without said issue is old reliable Obituary with Dying of Everything (Relapse Records).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ibaraki – Rashomon

Ibaraki is the new solo project from Trivium’s Matt Heafy, and Rashomon is released through Nuclear Blast, having been over a decade in the making. The name translates as “Wild Trees”, but is also taken from a terrifying Japanese demon of feudal legend, and the concept is a profound affirmation of Heafy’s Japanese-American heritage, incorporating a number of different musical styles. Although the main inspiration clearly sits within the black etal genre, taking influence from the experience of Emperor’s Ihsahn, who co-produced, and whose quirkier ideas from his solo work are peppered throughout the release. Continue reading