ALBUM REVIEW: The Ghost Next Door – Classic Songs Of Death And Dismemberment

Like many sub-genres, Progressive Rock has seen a stylistic ebb and flow, with a few strong bands rising to set the tone that inspired those who followed in their wake. 

As Metal veterans, The Ghost Next Door takes you back to prog’s high water mark in the mid-nineties when bands like Tool and Faith No More rose to prominence and broke boundaries. On Classic Songs of Death And Dismemberment (Ripple Records), they create a moody blend of post-grunge-tinged Rock that puts the lyrics front and center. At the heart of the songs are social observations and commentaries on the state of the world. Continue reading

DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors

Before we start, go back and take another look at the cover art. 

Go on, I’ll wait. 

See, while some bands go for a subtle or even abstract “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach, other bands are Dragonforce. Everything emblazoned on the cover to ninth full length studio release Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records) is represented here through the medium of eardrum destroying sound. No room for understatement, metaphor or artifice – just a bold, blinding explosion of light, colour and comic book action.Continue reading

T.M. Stevens, Bassist of 100s of Sessions and Tours, Has Died


One of the best and most prolific and coolest bass players in Rock history, T.M. Stevens, has died. He was 72. His colleague, fellow New Yorker, and musician Ronny Drayton broke the news on social media. Tributes have been pouring in from across all musical genres. Since 2017 T.M. was in a care facility while suffering from dementia. Starting out in the nineteen seventies in New York, T.M. was an early wunderkind on bass and received many accolades from bass and guitar magazines. He was also known for his flamboyant fashion sense and persona. Also known as Shaka Zulu, and fronting his own band also called Shakazooloo, his versatility and talent saw him as a member of his original band Space Cadets, as well as a recording and/or touring member of Pretenders, Steve’ Vai’s solo band for the album Passion and Warfare (also featuring Devin Townsend), his peer Victor Wooten, as well as hit albums from James Brown, Billy Squire, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, 2Pac, Joe Cocker, Darlene Love, Taylor Dayne, Nona Hendrix, and over 247 credits according to T.M. was also a fixture on many rock and metal tribute albums over the years. RIP. Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 412 – Bryan Beller Talks New Aristocrats Album “Duck” – Dethklok, and More!

Ghost Cult Keefy welcomed back world-renowned bassist Bryan Beller to the podcast! He came on to discuss the new album from The Aristocrats! Their new album Duck, their first new album in five years, is out now! Bryan and the band are on a brief mini-tour, as time allows for the bands’ busy schedules. He chatted about making the new album, the great duck graphics and Duck-related easter eggs for fans. He also chatted about working with Dethklok, G3, Satriani/Vai, and more!Continue reading

Watch and Listen to New Devin Townsend Podcast Episodes with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Tobin Abasi

Devin Townsend has just shared the latest episode of the re-launxhed Devin Townsend Podcast. Working with InsideOutMusic, he has already interviewed the likes of Steve Vai & Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders), and now, for the fourth episode, talks with Joe Satriani. Check them out and find out more in the article below.

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Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, The Cult) Announces New Single “Drowning” – New Album Incoming ft. Ozzy Osbourne, DMC, Ministry, Steve Vai, John 5, and More!

British guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Billy Morrison – primarily known as Billy Idol’s rhythm guitar player, and for his previous role as bassist in The Cult – has scheduled the release of his next single and video, “Drowning,” for February 23rd. It comes from his third solo album, The Morrison Project, due out April 19th via TLG/VIRGIN MUSIC GROUP. Find more information in the article below.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Babymetal – The Other One


Babymetal is back as only Babymetal can be. Their new offering is The Other One (Cooking Vinyl). Here are constants you can be sure of when you buy a Babymetal album: amazing technically proficient guitar playing, headbanging goodness, a wild landscape of movement and feeling, and The Other One delivers this with aplomb. 


The Other One is a concept album about being in a place called the Metalverse. Each of the ten songs have a specific theme concerning being in the parallel worlds that are discovered within this Metalverse. However, one must understand Japanese to understand the lyrics and the deeper meanings behind the songs. This facet does not distract from the amazeballz that is Babymetal. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Steve Vai – Vai – Gash


As one of the most acclaimed guitarists and artists we have seen, Steve Vai has achieved a lot in terms of success and styles. Even so, it’s perhaps unusual to associate him with the image of Biker gangs and riding Harleys, yet this is exactly what is conjured by Vai/Gash (Mascot Label Group). Recorded around thirty years ago with his, sadly departed friend Johnny “Gash” Sombrotto, this collaboration now sees the light of day.

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STAFF PICKS: Ghost Cult Photographer Chris Small’s Top 20 Albums of 2022

Ghost Cult’s Chris Small (aka Smallz, Papa Smallz) has been an essential member of our live coverage team this year and chipped in a few other types of reviews over the years as well. When he is not voraciously consuming heavy music, he is also a dad, documents underground rap shows, and streams on Twitch. Here are his top 20 albums of 2022 list! Peace and Chicken grease, as Chris would say…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Devin Townsend – Lightwork


It’s been three years since Canadian musical contortionist Devin Townsend confused the hell out of everyone with Empath, an album of such relentless eclecticism and stupefying eccentricity that even now it remains almost beyond comprehension. A kitchen sink album in every respect, our heroic Canuck threw literally everything into the mix. From death metal and jazz to Chad Kroeger and cats, Empath was the mindfuck to end all mindfucks.

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