ALBUM REVIEW: Obituary – Dying of Everything


I believe Nergal of Behemoth fame had a recent interview lamenting how modern metal acts run the risk of overproducing their albums and not coming across as organic. (Editor’s note: this is not new for him to say.) And the metal fanbase fought amongst itself online as it usually does, but I think the man may have a point. Lots of Death Metal records have come across my desk recently that aren’t as grimy as they should be. One act without said issue is old reliable Obituary with Dying of Everything (Relapse Records).

Much like contemporaries and former label mates Sepultura, Obituary decided a while ago that they would continue to pursue their custom blend of musical fury regardless of trend or decade. And no that’s not to say that Dying of Everything was recorded on a potato farm in remote Norway. Tracks like ‘War’ and ‘Without A Conscience’ hit with rib-cracking power and piercing guitar tone. Much respect to vocalist John and drummer Donald Tardy for once again taking up recording duties at their proprietary Redneck Studios. It’s almost as if Morrisound Recording never stopped churning out the extreme.


Yes, I’m making comparisons to the hallowed halls of Morrisound in the wonderful early nineties. Opener ‘Barely Alive’ is all that you need to know that Obituary are as vital as they’ve ever been. No fancy backing orchestrations or filler here, just a band confident in its powers and mashing the gas pedal for three and a half minutes. The title track is another opportunity to indulge in blistering tempos and searing lead guitar from Ken Andrews. Speaking of Andrews, the man is in top form throughout Dying of Everything but you’re going to pay attention to his work on ‘Torn Apart.’

That said, my favorite of all is the oppressive guitar tone that permeates ‘Be Warned’ as Obituary settles on a gnashing tempo and drags you against your will through the swamp.


It is only week two of the new year and we already have something like Dying of Everything? Should be a good year.

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8 / 10