ALBUM REVIEW: Obituary – Dying of Everything


I believe Nergal of Behemoth fame had a recent interview lamenting how modern metal acts run the risk of overproducing their albums and not coming across as organic. (Editor’s note: this is not new for him to say.) And the metal fanbase fought amongst itself online as it usually does, but I think the man may have a point. Lots of Death Metal records have come across my desk recently that aren’t as grimy as they should be. One act without said issue is old reliable Obituary with Dying of Everything (Relapse Records).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Molder – Engrossed in Decay


Molder ticks off a lot of my sonic checkmarks, but something isn’t quite right here. If Engrossed in Decay (Prosthetic Records) were a dish in its ingredients section you’d read that it contains Autopsy, early Death, Slayer, and a hint of vintage Carcass. Seems like a pretty appetizing meal, right? And there are several moments to sink your teeth into, but overall, I was left unsatisfied. I’ll still recommend the eatery, no doubt, but here’s to hoping that the next entre hits the spot.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Necrot – Mortal – Tankcrimes

What’s the best strategy when it comes time to record a follow-up to a critically acclaimed album like 2017’s Blood Offerings? Well, for Necrot it seems as simple as following the course. Yes, that approach on paper does come across a little reductionist and it may imply that Mortal (Tankcrimes) is merely a rehash. But while Necrot may not be reimagining the genre on Mortal they are serving up some of the most satisfying Death Metal today.

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Toxik Streaming Two New Songs


Resurrected cult classic progressive thrashers Toxik have posted two new songs – “Too Late” here and “Crooked Crosses” here, off their forthcoming album In Humanity. The songs feature Mike Sanders on vocals, Josh Christian on guitar, Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall/Flotsam & Jetsam) on drums and William Bodily (Freya) on bass. The songs were mixed and mastered by Tom Morris of Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL.