ALBUM REVIEW: Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E.

It’s been a very long uh, several weeks since we’ve been blessed by new music from the New York Instrumental Doom outfit, Clouds Taste Satanic.Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Nick Schendzielos Talks Up The Comeback of Job For a Cowboy, and The “Moon Healer” Album

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Nick Schendzielos of Job For a Cowboy, who are releasing their comeback album “Moon Healer” on February 23rd, 2024 via Metal Blade Records! Nick went deep into the concept of the album, the sequel to 2014s “Sun Eater” and how the band worked on the tracks for the new record. Nick also chatted about the bands’ move away from Deathcore in their early days, writing with drummer Navene Koperweis (of labelmates Entheos, ex-Animals As Leaders), bass guitar mastery, some details for the next JFAC releases, and much more!Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Lena Scissorhands Reveals The Secret Concept Behind Infected Rain’s New Album “Time”

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up once again with Lena Scissorhands of rising Modern Progressive Metal standouts Infected Rain! Their new album “Time” drops from Napalm Records this week, February 9th, 2024. Lena shared the concept behind the album, the band’s first foray into this kind of album, she discussed the lyrical themes for the album, trying new things as a vocalist on this album, new bassist Alice Lane, and more!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Underdark – Managed Decline


With their second full-length record Managed Decline (Church Road Records), Underdark really have pushed the boundaries of the broader post-Black Metal sound by incorporating many different styles and influences, while also lyrically creating somewhat of a concept album that champions the working class in much the same way as Ashenspire’s 2022 album, Hostile Architecture.

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INTERVIEW: Darsombra Breaks Down Their “Dumesday Book” Album and Concept Albums


Psychedelic Rock duo Darsombra caught up with Keefy of Ghost Cult to discuss their recent release “Dumesday Book”. The long-running Baltimore band just wrapped up an astounding run of tour dates, and discussed their songwriting style, a breakdown of the album track-by-track, their favorite concept albums, and our mutual love of Shadow Woods Metal Fest!

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PODCAST: EPISODE 352 – Weslie Negron Interviews Pomegranate Tiger

Ghost Cult scribe Weslie Negron Pagan interviews Progressive metal artist Pomegranate Tiger, all about his new album – the first in 7 years, All Input Is Error! They discussed the new album, his career up until now, the concept of the album – Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating instrumental music, and much more!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pomegranate Tiger – All Input Is Error


On All Input Is Error (Self-Released), Canada’s Pomegranate Tiger (aka prog multi-instrumentalist and accomplished composer Martin Andres) takes a topical AI concept and runs with it. Does he win the race? Yes, in the end – even if the final fate of humankind is ultimately unknown (there are no lyrics, you see, so you can make up your own mind, all you creatives out there).

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fleshvessel – Yearning: Promethean Fates Sealed


Anyone can make a concept album (which is not to say that it’s easy, but that it doesn’t depend on a particular musical style). That said, when it comes to the rock-opera-style concept album, the tendencies towards elaborate instrumental explorations and grand, dramatic spectacle often found in progressive rock and metal, provide particularly fertile ground. Pink Floyd, Queensryche, The Who, and many others have followed this path (coloured by their own particular musical approaches).

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Ice Giant Books Tour Dates with Scorched Moon, New Album “Ghost of Humanity” Coming Soon


Symphonic thrashers Ice Giant have announced an upcoming run of tour dates in the US supporting the record. The Boston quartet will join forces with Atlanta prog-metal explorers Scorched Moon for nine shows in the month of September, beginning in their own hometown with a record release show at The Middle East on September 8th – see below for a complete list of dates! Ice Giant’s new album, Ghost of Humanity, will be released on September 8th, 2023 and is a concept album with a complex sci-fi storyline. Pre-orders are available at the link below:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Amber Run – How To Be Human


UK indie trio Amber Run has a song likely everyone has heard, whether realized or not. Their saturnine piano hit ‘I Found’ from their 2015 debut album 5AM has been used in several television shows, played immeasurable times over the radio, and of course, became a viral TikTok sound. With nearly a gargantuan 325M streams on Spotify alone, the timeless hit has covered unfathomable ground. Now with their fourth full-length album How To Be Human (TRIPEL Records) Amber Run kicks off a promising album with a short yet equally captivating piano-vocal intro with ‘Flowers (Interlude I)’.

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